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  • Project Announcements

    Project Announcements
    Got a set of plans you want to realise for PotBS? Post the info here! Please include:
    • Type of craft
    • A link to or scan of your source plans
    • Length along the waterline
    • Breadth
    • Draught
    • Armament (if any)
    • Any other notes you think would be helpful
    • A link to a feedback thread if you want feedback
    I am going to request that this thread be limited pretty much to announcements, NOT a discussion thread, in the interest of keeping it as a quick reference to see what's on the virtual slips out there. If you have plans you are considering but are unsure of and want to get feedback before pursuing as a project, please start a new discussion thread.

    EDIT: I've changed this from "WIP Announcements" to "Project Announcements" to better reflect its intent. This thread is the primary place to check the status of proposed projects. It, and posts made herein, will be edited as necessary.

    A note on terms
    At the moment there are two tiers of approval: Provisional, and Final. Provisional Approval means we think the plans will work and the project is on sound footing. It is not a guarantee that the project will be given final approval. And since we, the User Content: Ships Steering Committee want to guide projects to successful inclusion as much as possible, we've come up with the following status markers:
    • Provisionally Approved: The project has been determined to fit PotBS, and has a good chance of getting Final Approval if it stays true to all the technical requirements of the game.
    • Provisionally Approved, With Revisions: The project mostly fits PotBS, but there are a few areas that could be brought more in line with the game technically and/or aesthetically. The Committee is confident that those changes can be accomplished, and that the project has a good chance of getting Final Approval.
    • Revisions Requested: The project could be made to fit, but the Committee needs to see more complete plans/further progress reflecting changes requested for aesthetic and/or technical reasons. Further judgment pending.
    • In Review: The Steering Committee has a ship model in hand, and is being looked at for a full review. Ships may stay In Review for several passes, depending on what (if any) fixes are required.
    • In Game: Congratulations, your ship has made it into the sunny waters of the Caribbean!
    Edit 1/21/2006 by MvG: Terminology updates.

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    Snou rigged pink from Chapman, plate XIII No. 17
    • Length 85 ft
    • Bredth 25 ft
    • Draught 12'7"
    • 200 tons burthen
    • 12 7lbs broadside guns
    • 2 4lbs bow chassers
    • 2 6lbs stern chassers

    Status: Finished, in game name van Hoorn snow


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      By Bracegirdle
      Type: Periauger Workboat
      Length: 30 ft.
      Beam: 7 ft.
      Mast Height : 25ft
      Draft: (shallow draft)
      Armament: Unknown (2-4 Swivel Guns)

      Here is a video of a replica.... (12MB)


      Discussion Thread Here


      Status: Provisionally Approved

      N. B. This was discussed by the Committee a few days ago, and Bracegirdle was PM'd, before we had systematised the process. -- MvG

      Edit 1/6/06:
      Status: In Game!
      Last edited by Michael O'Dwyer; 05-11-2008, 03:24 AM.


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        Originally posted by Xaphod
        This is kinda wierd.. I've been absent from this forum for so long but about a year ago I argued that player created ships were possible.. I've had a lot of stuff going on in the meantime, but anyway.. without more ado:

        * Type of craft: Bark
        * Length: 32m
        * Breadth: 8.8m
        * Draught: 4.2m
        * Armament: 4 light cannons.

        The plans (attached) are for HM Bark Endeavour, which is a few years later than our era, but as she's simply a refitted English coal hauler I don't think there's anything that'd be all that out of place in the caribbean.

        She's slow, tough and has a big hold for her size, but has a flat bottomed hull allowing her to sail in shallow waters.

        Useful links:

        Oh, and I happen to live just down the road from this:
        which would certainly help.

        So.. would a ship of this ilk be appropriate for the game?

        STATUS: IN Game Atlas Bark


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          Barbary Raider

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          Location: Florida
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          West Indiaman
          Heres the lowdown of the Indiaman

          This is where the plans can be found. They are the largtest ship on the lower set of plans. All ship measurements were taken from this image and scaled appropriately.

          Beam at waterline: ~29'

          Draught at Center of Ship: 25' 9"
          (2 connected dots amidships in the plans from the gunwhale to the keel)

          Draught at the waterline is 16' 6"

          Legnth From stem to stern:107' 7"
          (taken from the Starn Galley to the End of the Bowline (not the prow)

          Legnth of the Hull at the waterline: 99' 9"

          As far as the rigging goes, Miuke and I have been kicking round some figures to try for the masts scale, and I thin ki will use this image of the rebuilt east indiaman as a ruff guideline for the rigging on this vessel. that means as far as which mqasts and yards to include, as far as the scale of them, we are going to use the equations for a 50 gun man-o-war from the late 17th century. Which would give them appropraite thckness and legnth, I am also going to scale this image and use it to extrapolate appoximate rig and mast dimensions using some trig. But for n0w, I am still workin on the hull and mast are a ways off. so we have time to dial into the best configuration.

          I am Still looking for what the appropraite gun for the vessel. Indiaman were unusually heavily armed for merchantman, as they travelled solo for long distances. I will Edit this post with the appropraite information, but so far information for ht West Indiaman has been hard3er to come by then the East, and I may borrow the east indiamans gun layout as best as possible to keep it historic.

          Running related discussions.

          This being an older indiaman, it does not have a gun deck, like the heavy indiaman of the late 18th/early 19th century of the napoleanic war. 9 gun ports per side, as it shows on the plans. Still checking for calibre

          Here is a informational website of the arms of an east indiaman, nothing is heavier that 12lbs. Looks like for and aft cannon are 12lbs and the centerline are 8 lbs. No mention about swivels.

          Status: In Game!


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            Senior Resident

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            Location: Denmark
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            Length - 110' Edit 16 Aug 2006 - gamelenght is 37 m exact
            Beam - 29 '
            Draft - 11' 3' (fore), 12' 3" (aft)

            Armament: 34 cannon - 8 pdr. Edit 17 Sep 2006 - final number is 32 cannons
            (althought the real one had 30 there is space for 4 more according to the plans)

            Edit 11 Oct 2005
            Status: IN Game, Raa



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              Barbary Raider

              Join Date: Oct 2004
              Location: Florida
              Posts: 2,169

              Chapmans 1740 East Indiaman
              This might be kinda weak of me, but I am kind of Marking my Territory here. I will be making an East Indiaman based on Chapmans plans. They are very similar to the West Indiaman I have Already made, but its a much LArger Vessel and it has a Gun Deck. Bout time Merchants got some Teeth. I am on a trip so my bookmarks are not available to me. I will edit this post to include the appropriate plans and screens, and plan dimensions once I am home. It's teh plans the Goth was based off of, so I know MAre and Mike know the ship i mean. I will get the info here for the eneral public ASAP, I just wanted to lift me leg and mark my tree, so to speak Since a lot of the Parts on the West and East Indiaman are the same, it should help make the project goa bit faster.


              Engelsk Ost-Indiefarare (Ritn N:1)


              It is the top plan, with only one ship shown, i go not yet have the specs, but i wanted the plans here ASAP so no one else would grab em. More to come mates, Vacation is so fun

              EDIT EDIT

              Length @ Waterline: 130'
              Legnth of Hull Max: 152' 2"
              Beam: 33' 1"
              Draugh: 19' 6" @ Center of Gravity
              Displacement : ??

              Pierced for 30 Guns, 14 guns per Side, 2 Stern Chasers

              (Tenative Max cannon capacity Arms. subject to change after research of ship-specific arms)

              Gun Deck
              11 Guns, 18lbers

              Top Deck
              3 Guns, 12lbers

              Stern Chaser
              2 24lb Long cannon

              Sail Rig (Dimensions to follow pending Ship-specific research)

              3 mast Rig
              Mizzen Mizzentop sail + Lanteen (2 sail)
              Mainmast up to Man T'Gal N't (3 Sails)
              Foremast up to Fore T'Gal' n't (3 sails)
              Bowsprit/Jib Boom Rig

              (pending ship-specific research)

              Will Use the GothenBurg for Direct Reference, assuming I they respond top my Email regarding their source plans, another words, did they use these plans when remaking their own East Indiaman. they look Identical, but it cannot hurt to ask.

              EDIT 2/6/06:
              Status: In Game! Mignone
              -- MvG


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                34 gun Frigate Le Capricieux
                Source: Souvenires de Marine Conserves
                Length between Perpendiculars, 38.6m
                Breadth, 9.7m
                Draught, 4.5m
                613 tons burthen
                Armament, 22 Med guns + 12 small guns (34 total)

                I will post a seperate thread by sunday, I have worked on it a little already.Discussion Thread

                EDIT 1/14/2006:
                IN game Capricieux


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                  Barbary Raider

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                  Mysticque Poleacre
                  OK here is is, This is my announcement of the Mysticque Project.

                  I do not have a set of Mysticque plans that Include the Body data, arguably the most important aspect of a ship's plans. As they dictate the creation of the ribs, and therefore the Hull, I am lookin to Chapmans xebec Hull as a starting point. As seen in the Photograph here, they are very similar. Once the Hull ribs are costructed from the Chapman plans, it sould be easy enough to make any alterations to the completed hull mesh that would bring it more inline with the Mysticques Hull.

                  The mysticque Hull is slightly taller and a fair bit wider amidships. The pasted chapman plans have been scaled to match the scale of the mystic plans I best I could. THe mystic's Poopdeck comes farther forward, however the extra legnth is actually a Porch of sorts, meaning that the deck under its additinal size is still open and not behind a bulkhead. The mystic's Legnth is listed as 40.5 Meters historically. The ship in Chapmans plans is the same legnth, 133ft at the waterline.

                  Worst Case scenario, i leave the chapman hull as is, as its actually pierced for more Guns than the mystie and would fill that middle weight class (24 guns total, FOUR chasers Fore AND Aft). The standout feature of the Mstic is undoubtedy her Rig, which I have good Data on, see the sail plan in the next post.


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                    Senior Member

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                    Royal Yacht project announcement

                    I will be using the yachts of Charles II age as references for this ship, such as the Royal Yacht Fubbs, William & Mary, and Katherine. Any info on these ships you could give me will be most appreciated. Rigging will be a yacht type as shown in this painting yacht rig.

                    Specs as follows
                    # Type of craft = yacht
                    # source plans = plans
                    # Length along the waterline = 54'
                    # Breadth = 17 1/2'
                    # Draught = 6 1/2'
                    # Armament (if any) = 12 @ 4 or 6 pound guns

                    Feedback thread

                    Possible game use would be Navy starter, dispatch, costal escort, or dignitary delivery ship.

                    EDIT: Status -- Provisionally Approved


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                      Cap'n bones
                      Senior Resident

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                      Location: Arizona
                      Posts: 697

                      Current model.

                      Kronshlot - ****** type
                      Guns - original 12 gunner modified to 20 cannon and 4 deck guns(swivels).
                      Water line length - Approximately 20.5 Meters.
                      Height from C/L (midship) 5 Meters (lowest point in profile)
                      Width from C/L (midships) 7.75 Meters (widest point)

                      This ship has 3 decks rear and 2 decks from amidships fore

                      She's a two mast.

                      Last year of Service 1737

                      Russian Origin.

                      Will have modifications to hull to allow addition of 8 cannon. Original 6lbers-8 lbers. I believe 4 6's and 8 8's.
                      Possibly increasing ball size somewhat.

                      Stern will also be modified with adornments not present on original. Bow will also be adorned.

                      Sail and rigging will stay to spec.

                      Originally the Kronshlot was a auxillary ship for coastal navigation and message services. She had a displacement of 350 tons. And had a crew of 80.

                      Length between stem and stern posts, m - 25.6
                      Width (without planking), m - 7.2
                      Hole depth, m - 3.6
                      Board height, m - 4.0
                      Keel height, m - 0.3
                      Average draught in full load, m - 3.0
                      Full displacement, t – 320
                      Number of guns, pcs - 12 8-8lbers 4-6 lbers (mod 8 guns)
                      Bruce number - 2.92
                      Crew, people - 80

                      ****** type ships were fast and travelled well in storms. Very nice qualifying ship for pirates I think @ least since I'm modelling it that's what I have in mind although it is multi national in design.

                      NOTE: I reread this thread and saw someone else was also building this ship. I wish I had noticed earlier but as it stands I'm finishing the model. (half done). Again my apologies for not noticing this sooner

                      Edit 5/12/2006 -- Status: In Review


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                        Barbary Raider

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                        Pinnace support yatch
                        This is a different concept. Small support craft used on the deck of my East Indiaman, except this version is sailable. Will submitt a stowed version and a sailable version. Good groundwork for a deployable support vessel (meaning should they ever let you launch your boats for cutting out missions, etc.

                        Hull is 30 ft long overall. Single mast/jib yatch rig. Using the plans from one chapman ship, and the sail plan from a similar vessel.

                        No armament, simply a tender vessel, but they aer small, fast and maneverable. Might be good for fishing should the include that someday. Might be a fun craft for yatch racing lol

                        EDIT 1/18/2006: Status -- Provisionally Approved, With Revisions. The Steering Committee would like to see a more appropriately-sized sail plan for this wonderful little boat. Info forthcoming.



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                          Senior Member

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                          Chapman Yacht

                          Source: Chapman 7, no. 10
                          Length of Keel, 56' (approx 17.06m)
                          Length of the Waterline, unknown atm.
                          Breadth, 18.5' (approx 5.63m)
                          Draught, unknown at this time.
                          29 tons burthen
                          Armament, Possibly a few swivels.

                          Status: Provisionally Approved
                          -- MvG


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                            Marion vanGhent

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                            Two-Masted Chasse-Marée

                            Plans: Based on several engravings in Jean Boudriot's book on French merchant ships of the early 18th century. A similar craft can be seen here.


                            Length on the waterline: 13m (42'6")
                            Breadth: 4.4m (14'6")
                            Draught: 1.78m (5'10")
                            Approx. tonnage: 20-30 tons
                            Armament: up to 10 swivels

                            Discussion thread

                            Status: In Game


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                              Senior Member

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                              # Type of craft:
                              The Friesland 1665
                              Dutch doubledecker
                              Ship of the Line

                              # A link to or scan of your source plans
                              scale of plans: 1cm/1m

                              # Length along the waterline
                              Friesland plans: 43.5 meter or 156 Amsterdam foot

                              # Breadth
                              Friesland plans: 12.5 meter or 45 Amsterdam foot

                              # Draught: 4.5 meter

                              # Armament
                              - BatteryDeck, heavy artillery: 28 (14 each side), 24 pounders (2 most front, serve as bowchasers)
                              - MainDeck, medium artillery: 26 (13 each side), 18 pounders
                              - Other decks, medium artillery: 22 (11 each side), 6 pounders
                              - 2 sternchasers (caliber dont know)

                              total of 38 per side and 2 sternchasers

                              # A link to a feedback thread if you want feedback


                              Status:Provisionally Approved

                              -- MvG