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    Marion vanGhent

    Join Date: Feb 2004
    Location: The Shipyard
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    Three-Masted Chasse-Marée

    Length: 17.82m (58'6")
    Breadth: 6.08m (19'11")
    Draught: 2.5m (8'8")
    Projected Armament: 6 light guns, 10-12 swivels

    Plans adapted from original in Boudriot's book -- attached

    Discussion Thread

    EDIT 1/30/2006 --

    In Game


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      Join Date: Mar 2005
      Location: Southampton, England
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      32-Gun 'Demi-batterie' Royal Navy Frigate

      Length on the gundeck: 108'6"
      Moulded Breadth: 29'6"
      Burthen: 416 tons

      Lower deck: 4 or 8 demi-culverins (9pdr)
      Upper deck: 22 sakers (6pdr)
      Quarter deck: 4 or 6 x 4pdr

      Based on the lines of HMS Sweep-Stakes (1708), 32 - a Danish draught of her, as seen in Conway's History of the Ship book 'Sailing Warships 1650-1840)

      And the thread:

      Edit 1/26/2006 -- Status: Provisionally Approved

      -- MvG


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        Senior Member

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        Starting a new project for a fourth rate ship of the line "Priediestinacja"

        # Type of craft = fourth rate ship of the line
        # A link to or scan of your source plans = Plan 1 Plan 2
        # Length along the waterline = 36 meters
        # Breadth = 9.5 meters
        # Draught = not know at this time
        # Armament = 26 guns @ 16 pounds, 24 guns at 8 pounds, and 8 guns at 3 pounds
        # One modification I will do is not to model the round molding detail at the second gun deck ports to allow a more generic ship to be used by all nations.

        Feedback Thread

        Edit 3/1/2006 -- Status: Provisionally Approved
        -- MvG


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          Senior Member

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          Location: Denmark
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          Re: Project Announcements
          Type of craft: Ketch
          Source plans

          See Chapmans Nr 39 for details

          Length along the waterline: 74'
          Breadth: 20'
          Draught 8,5'
          10x12-18 Pounders (Broadside)
          2x18 pounders (Forward Caseing)
          Maybe: 4x those little turning thingies (not sure, as plans does not show)

          Feedback: Yes plz!

          Edit 2/16/2006 -- Status: Provisionally Approved

          -- MvG


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            Sea Hawk

            Join Date: Nov 2005
            Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
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            La Couronne
            • Type of craft: Galleon
            • A link to or scan of your source plans: La Couronne plans
            • Length along the waterline: 54 m
            • Length overall: 81,5 m
            • Length hull: 59,3 m
            • Breadth: 14 m
            • Draught: 5,8 m
            • Armament (if any): 68 guns
            • A link to a feedback thread if you want feedback: User Content Thread
            Edit 5/12/2006 -- Status: In Game

            -- MvG


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              Purple Fish of Doom!

              Join Date: Nov 2003
              Location: Stockton-on-Tees, UK
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              Type of craft: Large Bark (Frigate Rigged)

              A link to or scan of your source plans: (Bottom One)

              Length along the waterline: 140', according to Marion.

              Length overall: TBC m

              Length hull: TBC m

              Breadth: TBC m

              Draught: TBC m

              Armament (if any): 24 guns, 10 swivels (ish)

              A link to a feedback thread if you want feedback:

              Edit 2/28/2006: The Steering Committee has Provisionally Approved a modified version of Chapman XXI no. 31, taking some details from XXII no. 32. Enjoy!

              -- MvG

              Edit 5/12/2006: Status -- In Review

              -- MvG


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                Marion vanGhent

                The 44-Gun Ship

                Length at waterline: 40.23m (132')
                Breadth: 11.13m (36'6")
                Draught: 4.9m (16')
                Armament: Up to 18 heavy guns, 18 medium guns, 6 light guns, 2 medium to heavy stern chasers, 2 medium to heavy bow chasers
                Tonnage: approx. 900 tons by the Shipwrights Hall Rule of 1711

                Source: Original draught

                Discussion thread here

                Status: In-Game (Oliphant)

                The Lateen Barque
                The Lateen Barque

                FLS length: 21 meters (68' 10 3/4")
                Breadth: 6.1 meters (20')
                Rigging: Three lateen sails
                Armament: 12 x 4# guns
                Est. tonnage: 100-110 tons

                Plans used for information attached. From Jean Boudriot, Le Navire Marchand.

                Discussion thread

                Status: Submitted

                The Sultan (Large Fluyt)
                Large Fluyt

                * Source: original, based on Dutch, Swedish, and French documents from c. 1670-1690 reproduced in Ab Hoving, "Ships of Abel Tasman," "Heyday of Sail," and Jean Boudriot, "Le Navire Marchand"
                * Length at the waterline: 39m
                * Breadth: 8.8m
                * Draught: 3.2m
                * Armament: 26 guns (10 x 12-pounders; 12 x 6-pounders; 4 x 3-pounders) + 2 stern chasers
                * Tonnage: Approx. 550 tons
                * Thread here

                Status: Submitted!
                Last edited by Marion vanGhent; 01-13-2008, 05:46 PM.


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                  English Fishing Smack
                  Plans taken from Chapman LIX #3

                  Length: 36 feet
                  Breadth: 13 feet
                  Draught: 6 feet

                  Armament: None

                  Status: In-Game


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                    Wilhelm Friedrich zu Pferde

                    * Type of craft: Frigate
                    * A link to or scan of your source plans: 1, 2, 3
                    * Length along the waterline: to be measured
                    * Breadth: to be measured
                    * Draught: to be measured
                    * Armament (if any): 54 guns
                    * Info (in German): Info
                    * Thread: click

                    Status: In-Game


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                      The La Belle, a small cargo ship built in 1684 that sank two years later on it's maiden voyage carrying colonists to New Orleans in 1686. She was part of a four ship fleet that lost one ship in the Caribean to an actual pirate attack.


                      And her plans, which I had to modify in MS paint to re-scale the three plan views to all be the same size.

                      Stats are on a French website

                      Translated roughly with Bablefish


                      *** La Belle 1684 to 1686

                      *** Type: Type: long boat or light corvette.

                      *** Length of the stem to the stern post: 51 ft.

                      *** Width of outside outwards: 14 ft

                      *** Hollow: 7 Pi 6 Po <----------?????? Cargo hold size perhaps?

                      *** Tonnage : 50 tx

                      *** Artillery: six guns of 3 or 4 pounders. Also a few swivel guns were found in the wreck, so I will add about six of those.

                      *** Crew: approximately 20.

                      *** Originator: H. Mallet et/ou P. Masson.

                      *** Place of construction : Rochefort.


                      Many models to download reference pictures of from this website


                      Work done so far by me. Note the little man in blue jumpsuit for scale.

                      STATUS: In-Game


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                        Michael O'Dwyer

                        Castle Friedrichsburg, Brigantine
                        Length 22 meters
                        Breadth 6.2 m.
                        Draught 2.6~ m.
                        6 guns, small to med. plus swivles

                        Plans purchased from here

                        The gaff and boom main sail has been replaced with a more historically correct lug sail.

                        status Provisionally ApprovedThread here


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                          HMS Prince

                          1st rate ship of the line
                          136 ft long
                          44 ft wide
                          draught of 19 ft
                          an even 100 guns
                          launched 1670

                          a few notes on source material - there are a number of reproductions that are cheaply made and apparently inaccurate, and what schematics i have are somewhat incomplete. To that end the link i posted above are the references im using anytime content i have disagrees.

                          STATUS: In Game


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                            Large chebec/balancelle
                            I've spent the last three weeks or so working on a model to pass some time this summer, largely for personal pleasure, but also with a view to getting it in-game. It's hard to be objective about your own work, but I'm fairly confident now that I have the knowledge to clean the model up sufficiently for it to make the grade; or at least get help in doing so from the great people on this forum!

                            So here goes: I blended the Chapman and Requin plans, and faired the resulting hull quite a lot. Others have been working from these plans but I've communicated with them and we are confident that the resulting ships will be sufficiently different/unique, and provide an alternative to the small/medium frigates being modelled.

                            The resulting model has the following stats, and the plans are attached too.

                            Length of waterline 129 feet

                            Length of aspect 196.5 feet

                            Beam 31 feet

                            Draft 8.3 feet

                            Armament 22 8lb deck guns
                            2 12lb bow chasers
                            2 12lb stern chasers
                            8 swivel mounts

                            Look out for a discussion thread appearing soon, once I've had a bit of feedback from the SC regarding project status!

                            No specific date for the model, but it's been designed as the Barbary style vessels that prompted a French/Spanish naval imitation, and so should fit in around 1730-ish...

                            STATUS: In-Game


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                              Ship Name: Stralsund
                              Length:29.8 meters
                              Breadth:9.4221 meters
                              Armament: 30 Gun Ports, 2 Stern Chasers

                              STATUS: In Game


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                                Christianus Sextus: 90 gun SOL (Danish)
                                Christianus Sextus

                                90 Gun Ship of the Line

                                Link to the Plans:

                                Length at the Waterline: 58.1 meters
                                Breadth: 15.2 meters
                                Draught: 6.25 meters (fore) 6.8 meters (aft)
                                Crew: 800
                                Armament: 90 = 28-36, 28-18, 28-12, 6-6
                                (28-24, 28-12, 26-8, 8-6)

                                Launched: December 7th, 1733

                                The construction link:

                                STATUS: In Game