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  • Change in design mentality

    As you've probably seen in the recent devlog, we're removing the larger rates from the game. Now, while this thread isn't going to go into the specifics on that, this change does impact you, our shipwright community.

    One of the things that I'd like to promote is new and existing makers to stick somewhere in the 30-45 gun range when picking their models.

    This doesn't mean that players can't look for smaller ship sizes, quite the opposite, yet you'll make the likes of lum jump for joy when he sees that the shipwright community are working on unique models within that range.

    With that in mind, I've edited a master list of NMM plans that KrisWood compiled for our use internally now for your viewing. All of these are available from the NMM provided you give them the specific details that are in the sheet or you can get some of them from other sources, to which some Kris highlighted in comments.


    So that's that. Apart from current works in progress from various players, any new projects are advised to follow the information here if they wish to see their ship model enter game anytime soon

    If you wish to ask a question specific to this change in model design focus, then feel free to reply below and I'll answer as best I can. As I said above, do not comment on the devlog announced change in here, as we already have a thread for that.

    Thanks for understanding and happy modelling!
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    I hope the Centurion won't be affected by this.


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      It shouldn't be. At least thats how I understand it. Same goes for the St. Albans.


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        Since both projects are in the making for a long time already, they will get in the game somehow. Technically I think Centurion is a 4th rate, no?


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          Like I said, anything up to now isn't an issue, at least in theory

          A lot of discussion comes into play within that mind, yet I'd like to draw the line now as it's a more obvious time to make the change


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            So so
            The Cenurion and Albans are 4th rates. But they have removed only 1th and second rates.
            Are now 3th rate models not longer need?


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              It's more in simple priorities.

              If you did a model that was a good sized frigate, I'd guarantee you it'd get into game faster as we're desperate for unique models for all the frigates that use duplicates.


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                I understand all the rules. I'm a proficient Max modeler and could hammer out a ship model in a few hours. What has been stopping me is users are restricted to ships that had existing plans. Could users make up their own ship blue print/design as long as it is within the boundaries and looks like it would be appropriate for the time period? Meaning we can take the measurements & specs of an existing ship but model a more unique ship? Like the whale bone ship? That is a creative/unique spin on an existing ship. It breaks my heart that its not available to users.

                If we provide the blue print with an accurate scale for a ship then is it ok? Assuming that as far as size and gun count goes it is acceptable in the given guidelines. How free are we to take our own creative liberties on these? I would like to make a whale bone ship if you get my drift. There is no way anyone would have found blue prints for that. Many of the ships in the game look a lot alike...I understand thats because it is what ships of the time period would have looked like. Even so there are quite a few things in this game that are unrealistic and creative which I like. I don't want to model just another mundane ship.


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                  ArtCo would cry if I said yes to player made whalebone-esque ships

                  For user content, you can (in theory) make up a ship from scratch, provided that it follows the normal sort of ship design styles of the period. No crazy bonkers unique ships would be allowed.

                  If you're thinking of that route though, I'd strongly advise a very slow initial pace, so that the 3DSC can properly advise you on how the ship is looking early on when it's easy to make adjustments