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    Ok, my Feet was wrong. The correct dimension are 1 Feet = 30,8 cm and i scale the ship over the beam. 38 feet = 11.704 meter. The result look better. But the Gallery....

    PS.: The humans are 1.8 meter tall.
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      Well that's looking better. I would try to heighten the windows and the upper sill and see if your better. Since your adapting that stern from a different ship your probably going to have to tweek it a bit. You might want to compare yours to the one that Jabberdau did on Posiden. Since his is based on le Fluron it's a better period match, although it's French not English.


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        At last time I'm wondering about Kriswoods description about the St.Albans as an 50 gun Ship.
        The planes from Kriswood shows more gun hatches on top deck near the stern. (all 58)
        Two ships with the same name was built in close time. The first was built 1687 and the second 1706,

        The problem is the albans from 1687 have 50 guns and the second have 54 (58). I think my plan is for the second ship. But Kriswood mean this ship have 50 guns. I this case what i have to do ?
        I should close the spare hatches?

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          these plans are for the 1737 rebuild of the 1706 ship. She probably did have 54 guns, so go with that.


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            The works on the St.Albans going on. The works on the head are complete.

            Im not certain with my ladder at the forecastle. Any suggests?

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              I hate to say it but there are a few issues with your head...

              1. Your figurehead is sitting as if tacked to the cutwater. While this arrangement is seen often in hobby models, on a real ship she'd fall off at the first sign of rough waters. Instead she should be sitting on the cutwater with one leg on either side, as if she's sitting on a fence.

              2. The arrangement of your catheads and the point at which the headrails connect to the beakhead / forecastle are kind of iffy. Please show a historical precident that you're working from so we can steer you more accurately.

              3. Your head while nice is in the style of french warships of the late 17th century, while your hull is typical for english ships of the early to mid 18th century. While the two are both acceptable for the PotBS setting, they appear incongruous to anyone who knows much about ships of the period.

              As for the stairs, they look good but are more typical of first rates of the mid to late 17th century. I'd suggest a simple ladder.

              For inspiration on all of the above, check out these ship models on the National Maritime Museum web site:


              Also see my Centurion project for another 4th rate only 5 years apart from yours:



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                Mind you, i thought this project had fallen into the 'dead' pile. But here it is again looking great! keep up the good work!

                from a highly appreciative player!


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                  Ok, time for a serious look at things.

                  First I don't think there would be guns on the forecastle deck for bow chassers. Since you have the guns on the upper deck just below them, the would probably have cut a door and fired the guns through that. Although I think it's pretty unlikely a ship this size would bother with bow chassers at all.

                  See this pic

                  While your looking at that lets fix a few other little problems. There would only be the lower two timbers supporting the head and wrapping around on the hull (see head1.jpg) the third one you have would block the holes cut to admit the anchor cables. (see the above pic at NMM).

                  Also see

                  In this pic you can see some details of the forecastle deck and rail arrangements. While there is a across the front as you have it, there is not one along the sides. Typically rails like this are not for safety as we have them today, but rather for tying off ropes. A high rail would be weak and mostly in the way. Another one of Kris' links has a rail but see how low it is. If you want the rail for decoration then it's fine but it needs to come down a good bit.
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                    Hi , Kriswood

                    @ 2. I have you understoodt right? You mean this detail on the first headrail is wrong? (circle on pic)


                    PS. Ok the Rail position i have slightly changed to the original, but the position i took from kriswoods plan please look to the other pic. But i see another mistake, the slatted frame is to low set, another point to fix. =)
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                      Ok here my references from there i took my ideas for the head. My goal was a head they look not the others. Especially the incomplete plan had much room for an individual head.

                      In this result i have complete remove the head and redesign it... ;(

                      In this coherence it make me sad the inaccurate clothing of the nations...

                      Ok here my references


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                        Those references are half a century after the PotBS in the case of the Victory, and half a century before in the case of the other ship you've linked though I can't place a name to it. Please take a closer look at the references I gave a few posts back. These are all 4th rates from the same time period and nation as Saint Albans, and all within the PotBS setting.


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                          Don't be disheartened though Sisko; what you have there looks fantastic and is, in terms of geometry, rather well done. You do appear to be using quite a few more polys than you need to in some areas though so it might be worth optimising a few things.
                          You just need to make things match the era - making the head fit those plans you show in your side view would likely help.


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                            No i learn from mistakes .

                            I found a nice reference for a cathead.

                            1. I built the shape.

                            2. Then i bring the shape near to a regular Shape of a cathead
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                              I think that's great work, but I question if you want to spend 1200 tri's on the end of the cat head. The idea with something like this would but to do very simple geometry and then use part of the above image as a custom texture to give it some real definition.

                              Your work looks great though.


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                                Yes the Ancor Steam is to small for this Shape.

                                Imaginable would the head as ah chesstrees.

                                But I'm not a Texture Artist. You have maybe the right texture ?

                                In the case of cathead or chesstrees what a poly count would be recommend?


                                PS: I reduced the Poly Count...
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