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    Frigate Raa in 3DS format for people who need a sample ship to study geometry. Texture coordinates are preserved, but you will have to assign the textures to the geometry, since the paths are not preserved.
    Anyway when building ships for FLS your textures should point to the Burningsea folder on a C: drive.
    Had to split the model into two parts since the filelimit is 1 mb for zip files.
    Attached Files Frigate Raa (722.3 KB, 250 views) Frigate Raa (508.1 KB, 183 views)


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      Here's the final version of my longboat exactly as submitted to the SC for final export to the game. It is in max8 and FBX format. The Custom texture is in PSD and TGA format. I can upload other formats upon request.


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        Marion vanGhent

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        I just received word from ANCRE that the monograph on the French 64-gun ship Fleuron of 1729 is now available in English. More info about this publication may be found in their catalogue.


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          Sea Hawk

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          Pretty interesting site:


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            One page from this site was linked a while back in reference to rigging, but there's a lot more here than rigging! This site includes information on almost every aspect of ship building from most european nations between the early 17th century and late 19th century.



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              While looking for "Anatomy of the Ship" books I stumbled across this site. They mostly try to sell low quality kits but their manuals are quite informative. By reading through them briefly I learned a lot that I didn't know about rigging. Furthermore, the bomb vessel Granado was built in 1741 so would be appropriate to PotBS. She's kind of a cross between ketch and sloop, might be an interesting variation.



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                *Steps in with a "couple" of links under the arms, wearing dirty clothes and soaked in water. Privateering is a hard occupation!

                Nautical dictionary (spanish):

                Nautical dictionary (english-french-spanish) Great for cross-referencing:

                Wiki. Spanish SOLs:

                Francisco Manzanero. Assorted plans:

                Some examples of sailing ships (Recognition guide):

                Assorted plans (russian):


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                  Was just flipping through the virtual catalogue for the Naval Institute Press and came across this book, to be released late in June.

                  Thankfully has the preorder as well, so adding it to my collection.

                  Just an update on the book 'Rigging Peroid Fore and Aft Craft' by Lennarth Peterson.

                  This is an interesting book, very heavy on the illustrations of the various rigging bits associated with the three fore and aft rigs depicted in the book. The first is based off an English Cutter from around 1776. The second is a french lugger from 1800, and the last is an American schooner rig based off the English Experiment from 1812.

                  As I said, the book is checker-block full of illustrations, but as I mentioned, very light on any text regarding them. However the first thing I noticed is what the illustrations take the vessel and pretty much do what I would do in Maya, look at it from all angles, and tries to illustrate all the little bits associated with the rigging, including how the lines run in the blocks.

                  As an example, here are a list of the illustrations related to the lugger rig:
                  Profile and Deck Plan
                  Deck and Rail Details
                  Belaying Plan
                  Fore, Main & Mizzen Channels
                  Fore Shrouds
                  Main Shrouds and Tackle
                  Bobstay and Bowsprit Shrouds
                  Foresail yard
                  Fore Topsail
                  Mainsail Yard
                  Main Topsail
                  Mizzen Yard & Sail
                  Mizzen Topsail
                  Anchor Gear

                  I'm happy with the purchase, and I can only imagine it will be of great use to me as I try to beat my rig into shape.


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                    I didn't see this book mentioned in the thread so far, but I was wondering if anyone had come across it. It's Fore and Aft Craft and their Story: An Account of the Fore and Aft Rig from the Earliest Times to the Present Day by E. Keble Chatterton.
                    It sounds as if it would be suitable, but I thought I'd check before shelling out the cash just in case someone already has it


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                      I just picked up the book The Global Schooner by Karl Heinz Marquardt.


                      The plans included that might be of interest to the community would be:

                      HMS Royal Transport (1695) Lines reconstructed from a contemporary model and known dimensions. Rigging based on the model with sails indicated. This includes some excellent photographic views of the model.

                      Sloop Ferret (1711) Lines from a draught in National Maritime Museum and a re-construction of how she may have looked after being fitted with two masts.

                      Sloop Swift (1721) Lines from a draught in National Maritime Museum and a re-construction of how she may have looked as a fore-and-aft schooner.

                      HMS Spence (1730) Lines based on a draught in the National Maritime Museum. HMS Spense is a large sloop of 200 tons.


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                        Oooooh another book I'm gonna have to get, I guess it's time to start saving so that I can afford it when it comes out in November!

                        British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1795: Design, Construction, Careers and Fates by Rif Winfield

                        A while back I got a chance to ask the author a bunch of ship questions and he mentioned to me that his upcoming book would have a vast amount of reference material on ships of the period, including text, plans, etc. I had no clue he meant 420 pages! It's practically a tome I can't wait!


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                          This site has a lot of photos from the french maritime museum:



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                            Purple Fish of Doom!

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                            I decided to use some royalty free images to create an alternate to the FLS ship texture pack.. it's not awesome, but it should allow people to use their ships with something other than Pirates of the burning sea without having to remap the whole thing to different textures.
                            The ropes aren't great, and a lot of the wood is a bit over coarse, but it's not bad.
                            You guys are free to do with this what you will.



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                              Some books about riggings: I could buy at

                              Rigging Period Ship Models: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Intricacies of the Square-Rig (Hardcover)
                              by Lennarth Petersson (Author)

                              and :
                              Rigging Period Fore-and-aft Craft (Hardcover)
                              by Lennarth Petersson (Author)


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                                Originally Posted by ga*****i
                                Uber noob question here but is there any book out there that provides a hopefully simple "introduction to tall ships," kind of thing?

                                Probably the best single book for beginners is Historic Ship Models by Wolfram zu Mondfeld, it's also very cheap from Amazon.
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