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  • New Falg Design

    New Falg Design??? lol @ typo

    Designed these flags to match the sails I made so that we have matching sets:
    Both flags use the same designs as the sails.
    Colors set according to guidelines.
    No gradients.
    No drop shadowing.
    No photo-realistic images.
    Both have white backgrounds (235/235/235)
    however, opacity on each is set to 50% to allow fabric layer to show through.
    Fabric layer is from Archive v1.5.1, (cloth 22) and actually has a sort of parchment paper look.

    Officer's Flag

    Fleeting Flag

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    looks good!
    make sure the flags itself are not see through, transperancy is only a must on sails.
    if you used it only to make the fabric see through, and have to fabric in full colour(nonseethrough) then it should be allright
    on the bottom one im unsure if i see the fabric or the clouds behind it.
    oher then that, colours look good, design is sound, gl in voting and enjoy your matching sets!~


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      Thanks for the comments!
      You know, after seeing most sails and flags on youtube videos made with paid programs (which I bought...silly me)
      I found that working with the free program GIMP was easiest.
      What a God send for me anyway..

      I start out my designs in paintshop pro save it with a transparent background,
      then move it into GIMP.
      I make my sails and flags with 2 layers and only add opacity to the layer I designed to make the material layer shine through.
      The material layer always stays at 100%.

      I was in a society where our flags were made with no material layer and the soc flag was transparent.
      It looked nice, like a silk flag, but honestly I prefer the "old-skool" look of material.
      I see some of the flags on the user content store where the flag actually looks like it's rippling.
      Or the use of those flag patterns where they are shaped other than rectangular or are tattered.
      THOSE I find amazing and wish I could produce those techniques.
      Originally posted by Grutte Pier View Post
      on the bottom one im unsure if i see the fabric or the clouds behind it.
      The clouds you're seeing through the flags below are actually the marks on the material layer and caused by the opacity level of my design layer.
      I've attached the material file I used so you can see what I mean.
      I have a material file that looks like woven wool, but i had to set the opacity level on my design to about 35% before u even started seeing it.
      At 35%, you could barely see the flag design so I opted for the cloth 22 file attached instead.
      Attached Files
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        Very nice work.


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          FLAGS APPROVED!!! YAY!!

          Thanks again guys!


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            Officer's Flag Re-Designed

            The Officer's sail was approved along with the Fleeting Flag.

            Problem is, the Officer's sail looked nothing in game like it did here in the forums.

            I think I set the opacity way to low with the original white background at 50% to allow the fabric to show through.
            The whole design is just blurred into a blob of nothing.

            I re-designed it using the exact same image as the first one I submitted but I did away with the fabric background, kept the background white (235/235/235) and set opacity at 60%

            It's much clearer now.

            Is there anyway to overwrite Item ID: 89785 in game to avoid having 2 flags with the same name?

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              Originally posted by iDisOrder08 View Post
              Is there anyway to overwrite Item ID: 89785 in game to avoid having 2 flags with the same name?
              I'm afraid not


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                no big deal, just thought it would be easier.
                I had this flag accepted:


                I realized in game that by me adding the word "flag" to the title, it repeated it in my personal inventory.
                I deleted the word "flag" and they were able to update it in game.
                like i said, no biggie
                thanks for responding


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                  Technically, an admin can go manually into a submission and update the file but it's freaking time consuming to the point of where it's honestly faster to submit a new design