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    Ahoy Laddie,
    Are you tired of Brits ruining your pleasure cruise on the calm seas of the Bahamas? Do you like to drink beer and fancy the color green? Believe in leprechauns and pots of gold? Well then don't be a muppet and grab your pipes and come on down and sail with the Lucky Charms. If you hate brits, potato famines, and bad luck than we are the society for you. Join us in putting together the largest and only Irish War Galleon fleet in the Caribbean.

    We are an Irish themed society that enjoys a combination of pvp and non pvp activities in the EST and CST central times. We have a few euro players but not many. Our goal is to have fun playing POBS as a tight knit group of people who enjoy POBS.

    We intend to have both heavy and light fleets for pvp with an emphasis on the Courounne Galleon as a heavy pvp ship.

    - Players only play one nation on the server (ie Pirate)
    - Players use ventrillo
    - Players not a member of another society at the same time
    - Players fairly active and good sense of humor
    - Player fly our flags, sails, and ship colors

    We are Irish, drunk, and lucky. Join us today!

    MSG Sierra O'Connor or Cian O'Connor in game.

    Lucky Charms Theme Song
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      LOL theme song incoming!


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        bumping for good measure we still trying to get some hardcore pvpers or folks who are interested in becoming hardcore pvpers


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          Yep we got plenty of active players but we seriously need some pvpers to fill out the ranks or at least those who want to learn.