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  • SOE service down temporarily

    Sony has taken Station access offline.
    They will provide an update later today (Monday).

  • #2
    Gotta love Sony

    DRM on everything!

    Customer data as plain text? Ok...


    • #3
      Does this mean that Sony got hacked...again?


      • #4
        Not hacked again, I think their investigations into the PS3 network hack has uncovered more security flaws and they're working to correct them.


        • #5
          i think it's more of a preventive mesure, they just shut everything down in order to be safe and improve security i guess but who knows, ****in hackers...


          • #6
            Sony have a lot to explain. Their approach to security seems to have been inadequate to say the least. Hackers simply shouldn't be able to get in - period. The fact they did speaks for itself.


            • #7
              Thanks sony every time I seem to get a free couple of hours to play you do this! First you send a email 10 days! after the PSN was hacked and shut down, now you just close this down no warning, really thanks alot...........


              • #8
                Quite disapointed that they didn't send out any e-mail, and still haven't. The lack of information is more annyoing than the servers going down!


                • #9
                  Sony is mince

                  ok regardless of what has and what has not happened I want a refund of my money how do I go about this?

                  I pay to play so if I cannot play I should not pay.

                  Their system is pathetic, in over 20 years of online gaming I have NEVER come across the like of this with SONY.

                  If people who run the game have any sense they will find another way to produce this game. I see people leaving in droves, as with the collapse in sales of their playstations. This may actually prove the deathnell for SONY and their gaming division. Unreliability = no customer base.


                  • #10
                    This is ridiculous!

                    3 hours and cannot login?

                    Unannounced by anyone?
                    Re-posting your AH items will have to be manually sent to your inventory and back into the AH?
                    Lost time on 3 day Econ?

                    Played for almost 6 months and the downtime from log in issues is the worst part of the entire game.

                    Last week and now this week?

                    FLS needs to disband from the Sony Group!


                    • #11
                      Microsoft is the way forward, boycott Sony


                      • #12
                        it was meeee mmuuhhaaa....ok bad joke.....apart from that gatulations on bin ladin


                        • #13
                          The sum of all downtimes really amounts to a lot.

                          Now i personally can't complain because i'm playing f2p now, but i can understand that people with a subscription are upset.

                          I think if i sum up launcher issues, disconnects, lags and other general cennectivity/log in issues i'd quit the game immediately if it was any worse than it is.

                          Too bad an otherwise great game suffers from such problems, pretty much all gripes i have with this game come from connectivity in some form.


                          • #14
                            down times

                            Quite honestly the down times are not that bad. From the browser mmorpgs i have played these are simply a minor change. But then again the down times in the browser games were around 1 to 2 days out.


                            • #15
                              I guess SOE realized that the absolute best network security they could provide would be to just unplug the thing from the internet. Now they only have their internal employees to worry about security-wise. Good job SOE... sorry you can't read my congratulations on the epiphany.