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  • EVGA Precison won't show onscreen display

    For some reason it won't show the onscreen display in PotBS. It used to though. It shows in every other game but now it stopped showing here. I like it to show GPU temp, GPU usage and Fan speed.

    It's EVGA Precision and EVGA On-Screen Display Server. No settings have been changed, everything is still as it was, and it still works fine in every other game.

    (for PotBS I don't need to monitor anything since last time it showed I saw it wasn't even using all my GPU let alone increasing the temp, but it's bugging me that it no longer shows)

    Fraps FPS monitor still shows though.
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    Strange, my precision X displays the OSD and the old v2.x used to as well. Has the OSD server icon shown up in the notification area next to the clock?

    I may be a version behind though. What version do you have?


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      2.1.2. I'm behind on versions because of the registration requirement. I'm not giving them my address and phone # just to download a newer version.

      Like I said, in every other game it shows, but in PotBS it doesn't. It's a global setting too. I've even assigned hotkeys to try to force it. It's not a version problem or I suspect I'd have trouble showing it with other games.

      As an example. with PotBS running just now I loaded Medieval 2: Total War (just a random game I chose) and the OSD displayed fine there, but it still won't show in PotBS. There's something about this game preventing it from showing, and I don't know what.
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        I know mine doesn't show up in certain games (Max Payne 3 being one of them) but I have never had it just stop working in a game where it does work. I wonder if the last patch has affected something?

        If it helps at all I always get my updates from as I won't register with EVGA either.


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          I've also heard complaints about precision x and people going back to previous versions, so I figure why bother.

          Yeah it's probably something in a patch because it used to work. I remember seeing it use only a fraction of my GPU which I loved to see because this is a new computer I built that's way more powerful than my previous one that couldn't handle this game on higher settings.