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    This game has had a few builds which gave major out of memory problems. What we have now is very tame by comparison.

    The usual advice is to lower your texture resolution in Options > Preferences > Video. However, kaleras made a very interesting post whose advice I have incorprated into my own client, but I have not yet tried turning the texture resolution back up.


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      Before kaleras' thread was locked I updated to say it didn't work for me in terms of the OOM error but others may enjoy better luck and the multi-core fix did have an effect on the smoothness of my game.

      Dropping my textures to medium as Remus suggests completely rids me of both the error and the texture corruption. It isn't the fix I would like but it is a fix at least.


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        Just an update about my thread: Wallace is correct that the fix doesn't seem to work entirely. For me it does seem to make the game run a while longer before crashing, but I end up getting a lot of texture corruption by that time. I have since turned my texture resolution back down to the middle setting. I'm looking into it further, but I'm not sure there's much else that can be done.

        That said, I have had a lot of people tell me the same thing as Wallace regarding the multi-core fix; it works well, and has especially helped many that run several instances of the game. The only thing I've noticed with it is that sometimes the animations for NPCs in cities seem to run slow, but maybe that was always the case?

        Anyway, I'm trying to get Fodderboy to clean up my thread and unlock it like he said would be done, but I've got no response. Damn trolls have to ruin everything.

        SS Kaleras of Antigua
        Sea Serpents


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          Originally posted by kaleras View Post
          The only thing I've noticed with it is that sometimes the animations for NPCs in cities seem to run slow, but maybe that was always the case?
          It may be that you have a lot of NPCs on screen at the time as in shipcom battle instances where there are a lot of ships I regularly see the cannon shot animation become very slow and jerky as if my framerate has dropped. According to my FPS overlay this isn't the case though.

          NPC draw distance can seriously affect framerate which may be a factor. When I first started playing I upped everything to max including draw distance and it was fine in almost all ports. The first time I went to San Juan my frame rate plummeted to almost nothing. A bit of fiddling and I worked out it was the draw distance and reduced it.

          These are very minor issues when compared to the OOM and texture corruption though. Once when hauling deeds and outfittings to Port Royal I was about 150 miles out when I got the error. Normally my ship would drop sails but in this one instance it actually kept going, Irish Point was red and when I finally got back in my ship was near the east end of PR in the Pirate PvP zone :O

          Lucky for me there were no Pirates about as I would have been an easy kill in my stripped San Mateo (the biggest hauler I could use at the time) with nothing but swivels for defence!
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            So I'm still getting this error is there a permanent solution to this? Or do I have to turn down my texture resolution?


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              No its been said... There is no fix atm


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                Solution from this sticky topic works for some ppl. Worked for me before i moved from Win XP to Win 7. Sadly not working anymore.