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  • The download is broken

    Attempting a clean, new install from the front page breaks. It downloads the setup file, then tells you you have to get the station launcher. But when you get the launcher it does nothing.

    I had to delete all files, then go directly to sony to start the download -- the link from this site doesn't work.

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    I'm pretty sure this is a known issue, because I made an absolute spectacle about this in numerous previous posts, but FLS says it's working as intended. They have been working with Sony too long.


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      Now, on the front page, you mean the link that takes you to this page and then you click the "Download Now" button which downloads the installer PotBS_setup.exe file?

      I have just checked this myself as I have good speed to SOE's servers and the whole game installed fine for me off this in 55 minutes. Everything from it checking my DirectX files to checking my PhysX installation and downloading then installing the game itself.

      Did you get any error messages or anything pop up at the time you were doing this?


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        Do you have an anti-virus/firewall program running while going through the install process? That can cause issues with the installation of some games and other programs i've found from past experience. Either pausing, shutting down, or adding a temporary exclusion rule fixes that problem if it's the case. Hope this helps


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          Install Part 1


          I just uninstalled the Station Launcher, and attempted the trial link you posted again and unfortunately it still fails. The behavior is exactly as I described it months ago, and still is not going to ever install the game.

          Did you fully uninstall the Launcher and PotBS, Aegir?

          You are indeed correct that it will open DirectX, and install that, but after that it gets to the step with the Station Launcher where it spectacularly fails (if the Station Launcher isn't already installed).

          I took screenshots (again), that I'm attaching to the next couple of posts, and will even detail the entire installation process (I just completed 5 minutes ago).

          1. Click Download from trial page and then see a redirect page, and then the download opens. After it's downloaded I selected Run (Image: Install1)
          2. The installer asks to choose language (Image: Install2)
          3. Then a welcome screen appears prompting to select next (Image: Install3)
          4. It asks you to agree to the Terms (Image: Install4)
          5. The installer then prompts to select an install location (assuming everything was removed) (Image: Install5)
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            Part 2

            6. It then goes to install DirectX and asks to accept installation (Image: Install6)
            7. It then gives a DirectX installation screen where you select next (Image: Install7)
            8. After that it installs DirectX (Image: Install 8)
            9. Then when finished installing it displays a Complete screen where you select Finish (Image: Install 9)
            10. Then it comes to the Pirates installer and has a check box to "Launch Station Launcher for Pirates of the Burning Sea" (Image: Install 10)
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              11. It attempts to open the Station Launcher, but instead of actually opening it or installing anything it displays the Station Page from Nov 2009 IN A BROWSER. (Image: Install 11)
              12. The Launcher never opens, it never installs the game or Launcher, and the Launcher is actually still running in the background (but not actually doing anything) needing to be manually stopped from the Task Manager. (Image: Install12)

              I have posted this exact scenario four different times now, and the trial link is still going to fail (if the Station Launcher isn't already installed), and always directs to the same old Launcher link. Two months ago I first posted about this. The only way to install the trial properly is with the Station Launcher direct from Sony's page, and then follow the pictures detailing how to activate the trial (which show on the trial page).

              The link on the trial page needs to be changed to point to the main Sony Launcher installer link (at least temporarily while FLS and Sony correct this download's issues) otherwise no one can use that trial link properly.

              I had to make this multiple posts because you can only attach 5 images per post.
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                If you click the download this installer link at the top of the webpage that popped up, you will download the latest update for Station Launcher.

                That link wasn't working a couple months or so ago, but has been fixed since.


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                  Laozi described what happened to me. And if you manually naivigate to the folder with the sony installer and doubleclick on it, it says the installer isn't properly configured. I *suspect* it is because the redirect is to an older version of the sony installer.


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                    Originally posted by mrthetooth View Post
                    If you click the download this installer link at the top of the webpage that popped up, you will download the latest update for Station Launcher.

                    That link wasn't working a couple months or so ago, but has been fixed since.
                    That's not the point... My point is the Trial link not working correctly, and that now 3 months later it still isn't fixed. Fixing a link on a page no one should ever reach isn't going to fix the real problem, which I've now detailed fully 5 times.


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                      this is one of the main reasons why noone is playing this game. I told 5 of my friends what an AWESOME game this is, and they say, "does it have a trial" I say, "yes", they try and it wont work for them. The try link still doesnt work for me either, when I try to get it on my comp where the full version isnt installed