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  • Station Launcher won't Launch!!

    Can someone help?

    I've downloaded and installed the game...I've created an account with Sony and everyone else...I've inserted my key...

    When I double click on my PBS short cut icon on my desk top I get a "Insufficient User Privileges" error from the Launcher...I've been searching and reading through the forums for about 3 hours now looking for previous asked questions and I can't find anything...

    Someone have a clue what I'm doing wrong??


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    Are you on Vista?

    If so, log in to your machine as an administrative user and run the the game again.


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      Thanks...What I get for trying to do this without sleep in the last 72 hours...was logged in as the admin...but stupid windows didn't want to run it as admin because it didn't 'trust' it...I'm good Thanks


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        i have the same problem but i am logged in as the admin how do i fix this?


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          Hey guys!

          This isn't so much of a solution but more of a way of potentially working around this. The main thing I'm finding with Station Launcher is although it's getting to the end of it's beta production phase, there's still many more features that need to be added on or tweaked. One side result of that is that you can occassionally get the download error that you all are experiencing.

          The way to at least get around this is to completely uninstall Station Launcher (don't worry, it won't uninstall the game!) and remove any and all files you have for it on your PC/laptop. Then go back to the main Station Launcher page: and download the new install file. When you go to install it DO NOT install it to the default location and/or the location to where you originally installed the program.

          Once you've done that, it'll re-install it as a completely new version which should hopefully solve this issue. You can find out how to link the Station Launcher of Tom Savage's guide here.

          If that doesn't solve the issue, you will need to contact SOE support for assistance, which you can do by clicking here.


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            now I have this same problem, insufficient user privileges, but as far as I know, I don't have any other login other than administrator. I'm the only one using this computer, and i don't know how to log out of my own account to go into administration. i never get an option for another login other than my own. And yes, I'm on Vista


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              Well thats easy to solve i think you just have to go to avanced properties on shortcut and change the "owner". This is where you set the permission i dont know how or the name given in English Windows cause mine is in Portuguese
              But its someqhere around on advanced properties after you open the properties of the shortcut and open the security marker.


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                Also have new computer (with Vista) and getting same problem. Only one 'user' named Guest, and if only one it's supposed to have Admin Priv. It doesn't. I've searched through Vista and can't find where to change it / switch to Admin. I really hate Vista because it seems so obtuse.

                I know this isn't specifically a PotBS hangup, but if a game wont load and run on a standard Vista machine, I can see a lot of new players getting frustrated and just not playing. If I hadn't been playing the game for a year now, I would have moved on to a different game. Can't the download sequence tell players specifically how to download the game into a Vista machine, and have it play rather than having to spend hours searching for answers?