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  • Help preparing lvl 30 FT to survive in red zone

    My Freetrader character is nearing level 30 and will soon become a viable target for a whole bunch of veteran PvP players. I think it's a good time to ask for some advice about preparing him for this traumatic experience. Since I try to level him up mostly by PvP, the "level to 50 and then start PvPing" approach is not good to me - so with this in mind, what would you do if you had to take lvl 30 FT into the red? Specifically, I'm looking answers for the following questions (any other advice is also welcome):

    - What ship and outfittings available for me at lvl 30 would be optimal for 1vs1 clashes on open seas (as for ship, I am currently opting for Stralsund/Athena/Peregrine variety)?
    - What skills are essential for PvPing Freetrader (I intend to respec my character, obviously I can't have all skill at lvl 30 but which ones are most important to have)?
    - Regarding respec - I heard there was a bug where using career respec deleted your tutorial skills - has it been fixed?
    - What additional skills (from missions perhaps) and items available for lvl 30 should I obtain?
    - Also, what avcom gear should I get myself (Florentine school)

    And some questions on tactics:
    - I am clueless at the moment regarding other classes main strenghts and weaknesses, so what should I be aware of when fighting against Privs, NOs, etc?
    - What should I do (besides attempting to surrender or run, that is ) if I find myself in combat against lvl 50 - are those fights completely unwinnable due to their better skills/consummables or do I have a chance to survive if I fight well? (Only fought lvl 50 three times so far and I lost all three)
    - Should I happen to find myself in group combat (not that I seek it, but I've already got invited to a group by a ganked player and I failed horribly trying to help him), what should I do to cause least harm and most help to my groupmates?

    I understand that's a lot of questions and I don't expect anyone to sit down and do all my homework for me, but if you can give me any hints regarding any of the above, it would be very helpful.

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    Not a class I've played in combat much but its real strength has always been reload and and repair.

    The stral or peregrine should serve you fine, if it was my choice I'd choose the peregrine. It benefits from medium mods and if you fight at distance its defense should be high enough to help protect you.

    I'd also look to protect my sails and make sure I'm fast enough to escape if necessary. If you can avoid avcom do because a lvl30 alt is going to really struggle against a lvl50.

    I suspect a lot of 50s will ignore you to be fair but good luck none the less.


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      Almost everyone you encounter in the PvP area will be stronger and faster than you. How to survive: learn how to run on OS, agro a nearby NPC before being attacked, learn how to escape a battle (difficult in most FT specific ships because of low speeds), donít take a ship or cargo you mind losing in to PvP zones.

      If overmatched and unable to escape, try to buy them off with cargo (good luck with that).
      Personally I think the powder skills are almost useless beyond pointblank, I go heavy on defensive and control skill sets.

      In group combat, buff your NO and PRIVY team mates, send them repairs, and try to soak up damage without getting KIA. Stay in a position to escape (i.e. upwind; behind the line) because your group mates are whatís keeping the opfor from ripping you to pieces.

      Outfit your ship according to the tactics you employ.

      Personal outfittings: just use the highest level stuff you can use.

      This is the essence of what Iíve learned; if you donít agree with me, I care not.


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        the best way to ready your FT for pvp it to finish lvling him first


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          Just stay out of the red at 30+, I'd be surprised if the sociopaths who think they're actually doing you a favor by "teaching you a lesson about the red" when they sink you are not around anymore.