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  • Mission Folly of Man


    Can somebody tell me where that village is? t's the treasure hunting mission avaliable after killing 'The Tactician' in Jenny bay. I't should be somewhere in Guayana but I just can't find it.

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    I've never played it as a Brit so I cannot tell you exactly, but you will need to open the map in your inventory to activate the mission. The coastline shown on the map should match some part of a coastline in the game map (but it won't be far from Jenny Bay). Sail to where you think it might be and it will be marked on the open sea itself (not on the local map or minimap) with a cross. Stop you boat and click.


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      Between Jenny Bay and Rosignol.


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        I don't know about the brits, but for everyone else it is matter of going to the open sea from your starting port, opening up the map and then rotating the camera and looking for the gigantic red X.