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  • Fleet Strength?

    I have red about a dozen or more patch notes around the 1.7 patch timeline, the wikia on the pvp section and just about every sticky here in the help section, and I still have not been able to find anywhere where it lists exactly how fleet strength works in relation to OS ad hoc combat. I see people mention it, talk about it, but never explain what the exact effects are.

    I understand who can attack who in regards to the red, but can someone tell me what the fleet strength numbers are and how they work for an old player trying to start up again?

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    Strength works by adding your captain level and your ship level together. You can then attack or be attacked by anyone who has a ratio within 1:2 or 2:1. So 2 level 50 players in level 50 ships can attack 1 level 50 player in a level 50 ship. What tends to happen with "ganking" these days is a level 50 will group with another level 50 in an Arcadia MC (level 44) to lock the battle 2 v 1 as the gankers are worried the battle could be reinforced. Of course this is not a new combo as the Arcadia MC has allowed the attacking team to have more wind angles covered.

    This results in reduced ganking as the worst you should face is a group of 2 attacking a lone player as opposed to the old 6 v 1 nonsense.

    It is also a step to prevent seal clubbing albeit not completely successful but at least better than it was. Unfortunately there are some anomolies thrown up by this system such as a level 50 in a level 18 ship being allowed to attack a level 17 player in a level 17 ship but it does grant immunity to most 50s that tend to sail level 50 ships but of course once you are able to sail anything like a Mystique Poleacre and up you are free game to anyone higher.

    Group strength also only works if your group is close, splitting of groups is still possible where the group is careless.