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  • Online ship comparison tool...

    OK, I made a ship comparison web tool because I couldn't find anything else online that did what I wanted (and I like a challenge).

    I posted more about it here:

    The link is:

    The community's help in populating it and bringing it to life would be wonderful..

    Let me know what you think

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    Thanks to those that have helped update the ship data, there's more to be done but its starting to look useful. A lot of the level 50 ships are in.

    Hopefully some more people will sign up and enter a ship or two so between us we can get this tool working. I have plans to expand the site while ever people are interested in using it.

    See my note in the original post in the general forum for more info


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      That's cool! Though no matter what I put in, the Dauntless never comes up. So either it's a horrible ship or you forgot it.


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        same with mercy and lancer


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          The ship list wasn't complete - by a long way, when the site first went up, but i've been through and I think I have everything listed now.

          Nobody has yet entered Lancer or Dauntless stats, but Mercy is up to date. Could do with more hands updating stats.

          I've just added a page to allow you to view complete ship stats and compare it side by side with another ship, just click on the ship name in the shipyard list.



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            check this out dont know if it will help


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              When registering, the verification mail has an illegal envelope-from, so some mail servers may reject the mail.
              According to SMTP RFCs, the envelope-from must be a valid address. You will be mistaken for a spammer if you use an invalid one.

              STARTTLS=server, [], version=TLSv1/SSLv3, verify=NOT, cipher=DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, bits=256/256
              sender check failed: <>,,, [00:00:00]
              from=<>, reject=550 5.1.8 Sender address verification failed


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                Hmm, well i've put a line in that should fix it.

                I'll resend a few mails that may not have reached their recipients, and see if it gets any better.



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                  I've updated the site with various things lately, however just now i've added all the different speed modifiers so that you can directly compare ships at different angles to the wind.

                  Hopefully this will make things a bit more useful.


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                    Your tool is awfully useful CaptainKipper.

                    Have you planned something to let visitors input data from P&P's beta so it will be all ready for the release?


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                      Is it up to date?


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                        I don't use it myself, but the principal combat ships appear to be correct. Others such as the Leviathan have not been updated to current stats.

                        The Ships Skills and Outfitting spreadsheet linked in my sig is fully up to date.


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                          Any chance of getting this updated with the San Fernando, and the rearranged PT skills?


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                            Is this still correct?


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                              Originally posted by Matthew Darksteel View Post
                              Is this still correct?
                              mostly I'd say

                              PPL are rather quick to update it
                              when u have a profile for the site u can update ships yourself

                              I often just do a quickly checkup comparing page to game stats before comparing the ships I have in eye

                              while game is down ofc u can't do that

                              u can list ships bye theur update date

                              go to page
                              choose shipyard
                              in the "show info" line, in the first drop down select 'All' - in the second drop down select 'Update info
                              click 'Update' to the right
                              there u have it

                              about 50% of the ships where updated after 23-12-2012
                              thanks go to Thibideaux, Sylvain_dAumont and myself

                              another 25%(give or take) where updated 12-12-2012 - thank you Thibideaux

                              therest is mostly civilian and obsolete models