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  • The Revolution Starts Now

    It is now a dangerous thing to express your opinion on the FLS forums. We question the integrity of moderation by GM's, Staff, and it is clear what FLS thinks of this kind of criticism.

    They don't even quote their reasons anymore. They no longer tell you what in your post has been a breach. Threads get deleted for questioning. But it is questioning that develops a game and a community! The moderation of Mauri was deeply questionable. Crushing threads about griefing, GM integrity and gameplay seems to be FLS new way to invite potential customers.

    I've ALWAYS defended FLS in saying they stay close to the community, care for their customers, and want their feedback. I've always defended them when people have said they do not listen. But I can see, that one of the biggest reasons I've stuck around for so long is disappearing.

    Well, FLS. You may want to shoot yourself in the foot, but that's it. I did not agree with your deletions and for that you gave me an infraction for trolling. I am sorry, but I will not just lie down. The Revolution starts here.

    Here is a good start in YOU moving forward.

    1) You will follow your own rules and NEVER rule outside them.

    2) You will give an adequate explanation ALWAYS when giving an infraction, and there shall be no need to contact you further for this explanation.

    3) You will rewrite your rules and/or stick with them you have now.

    4) You will apologise for your recent forum fascism, and it will be in the open.

    So what happens if you ban this account and/or close/delete this thread from where it currently is? I will make new accounts (if they don't ban my IP), and post again, and I will further post a copy again in another room of the forum.

    For those that agree, feel free to keep bumping these threads. They can't ban us all, and if you are of the same opinion as me, I just wanted to say that I can't do it alone.

    Made an avatar too.
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    Pffft, at work so can't save the avatar to my computer.

    need to make it something I can click on or link, then I will make it my own avatar.



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      If you'd like further explanation about any of your posts that were removed, then I encourage you to use our Support Site.

      We are always willing to discuss these issues one-on-one, but do not discuss them publicly for account privacy reasons.


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        I have a feeling you are missing some important points in your message.

        It would be interesting to know if there was a well worded post of constructive criticism that got deleted without containing personal attacks, but I doubt it.

        I know people get fired up about things. I used to get fired up about rageboarding, which I hated with a passion and posted plenty of complaints and suggestions about it, none of which got deleted.

        The real problem, I suspect, is not FLS, but that most people have a genuine inability to come here and have a real debate. It's all trolls, insults, deliberate misrepresentation of the facts and flamewars.

        If you really want someone to listen, you have to communicate in a way that's worth listening to.


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          Only problem Tootsie is Roberto tried to discuss why his posts were being moderated through a support ticket.

          The laymans translation is he was told to go pound sand, and they refused to do so.

          Might wanna check with Ryokan for the support ticket number.

          Let the rage continue


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            The discussion about moderator misbehaviour is not covered in the support site. There is no rule against it either.
            It's not about my posts being deleted. It's about the hushing down of peoples opinions.


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              FLS moderators are doing a great job, compared to UWO they are breath of fresh air.
              Yeah just put in a ticket, no need for a revolution lol.


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                They can't be doing that great of a job, you are still here.


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                  Originally posted by MacCall View Post
                  FLS moderators are doing a great job, compared to UWO they are breath of fresh air.
                  Yeah just put in a ticket, no need for a revolution lol.
                  You've been complaining for months that mods delete your posts and threads...


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                    The moderators have gone crazy on the roberts forum lately, dunno if its the same on the antigua forum?

                    Anyway, tickets have all been sent and ignored or explained that we should follow the rules! Not explaining why the threads/posts was removed cause nobody knows why. I am surpriced that this thread havent been deleted - the other thread was just closed which also is weird when they deleted similar threads for the past week. So hopefully this is helping abit.


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                      Originally posted by Ryokan76 View Post
                      You've been complaining for months that mods delete your posts and threads...
                      Deleting posts doesn't hurt anyone, where have I complained?
                      oh yeah a thread went nvm its probably best it did.


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                        Dunno why FLS is overreacting lately, it was never a problem some time ago but now many threads or posts get deleted for questionary reasons.


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                          Originally posted by Ryokan76 View Post
                          You've been complaining for months that mods delete your posts and threads...
                          That's not the mods fault, there has been a lot of players making accounts with alts reporting other players posts.
                          It's them that I'm complaining about, guess it was inevitable with F2P.


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                            The problem is that they are not following their own rules. They make up as they go and behave as they see fit, moderating without any basis that has been previously specified.

                            If one player questions his infraction and he is met by an *******, then he will be silenced when complaining where others can see it. Two examples were posted. Threads deleted. Without notice. No nothing. People have questioned it and been waved away with the message to NOT question them. This has been both in threads and in tickets.

                            If this is the case for the future, I see no need for a POTBS forum, and they might aswell close it down.

                            For the same offense (posting these revolution threads), I've gotten three infractions. They were given to me for TWO DIFFERENT reasons. I've questioned this and have been given no answer. So the integrity of the rules are clearly taken LIGHTLY. Thus, they are not valid, and there is no reason to respect them.

                            EDIT: I also promised to hold the spam for a few so the mods could participate in the discussion in this thread. Failure to do so will lead to the further spreading of these posts.
                            Last edited by 5102Back; 04-05-2011, 01:26 PM.


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                              Does the tinfoil you wear allow you to get better reception?