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  • Why isn't there a discussion page about the best outfittings? Give me some help here!


    Since the Wiki seems horribly out of date, and the forums seem to lack any kind of discussion about outfittings or anything like that for a new player, I have some questions to ask.

    To note, not a new player but a returning one who has forgotten a lot :P

    I've been advised how to fit out my new Adventure frigate (I'm an NO).

    The fitting is: 2 accuracy gun rigs, 1 double-flanked / 1 heavy-flanked armour and two runner's rigs.

    Why not 1 nimble rig / 1 runners rig? Considering I'm going to be 1v1ing a lot, it seems the smarter choice!

    Also, why only accuracy gun rigs? What about Enhanced Gun Tackle (+1 accuracy and +5.5% reload rate)? It seems this whole setup is about speed and accuracy.

    The general mods are Discordant 3, Prototype Cannon 3 and Cantonese powder. Again, it's all damage and range for my cannons. I actually lose reload rate from the Cantonese powder.

    Is reload rate simply not that useful?

    Any info would be great

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    In gank or be ganked, speed is paramount. Double accuracy is good bc landing more hits of less damage is more damaging than landing a few hits with more damage. And penalty stacking makes 90% of outfittings useless. I would recommend double heavy flanked as opposed to one heavy and one double planked, bc the double planked gives you a negative defense.

    The generals are correct. The damage output with those outfittings is unparalleled, and reload rate is only important when you're fleeting.

    The reason why nobody discusses mods is bc penalty stacking made all discussion obsolete, as all variation is now obsolete. There is only one way to spec (ok maybe one or two variations, but only for the highly skilled), and everybody recognizes it.

    Penalty stacking was one of the worst things that happened to the game, bc the outfittings weren't tweaked; their values remained the same--which means only one viable build emerged.

    Either penalty stacking should be removed, or outfittings need to be tweaked. Then we can start having a meaningful discussion about build variances that match career/ship strengths.


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      If you are going to mostly 1v1 then you can try using a trysail or nimbles, but you will not be running from anyone though.


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        Trial and error for me.

        I prefer 2 armour mods to 2 damage mods and I'm not a keen advocate of speed but I know I'm in a minority.

        I have often thought about/tried certain mods and decided against them, what suits some might not suit others.

        Personally I'm glad stacking penalties exist because it removes the 9 mod stackers be it speed or tanking.