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  • Old player returns or not

    Hello all ,

    First off i started playing POTBS from day 1 of its release 11 months after its release i quit playing for medical reasons. I have came back but i want to see or hear it from other players if it is worth dumping time in comming back or not .

    First off i love the game although alot has changed there is a few questions that worry me though

    1- how many people actually play and which server is best for north american player
    2- do you think Portalus games can keep it going and grow
    3- who stole my cookies

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    For North America? Gotta go with Antigua. For any English speaker, I would go with Antigua no matter what time zone you play in.

    I think Portalus can keep it going. They have been doing an excellent job of putting out new patches and there has even been some new content in these patches, not just ship tweaks. I think they have a vision and are dedicated to it.

    If you read the forums too much, especially the Roberts forums, you'll be convinced that the game is dead simply because a handful of players can't get their super 6 group of Macedons back. Boo frickin hoo.

    Antigua seems to have a healthier pvp game with a slightly healthier RvR game as well.

    Patch 2.14 which is right around the corner is going to potentially change all the rules again. So while I do think the game is worth coming back to, at this point, I would worry about building up some cash, getting a good running economy established, and find a good society to build inroads with.

    I look forward to seeing you out there!


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      Hey Hoot ,

      Thanks for the reply most neg. things im seeing are old post also but like i said i love this game always have but SOE killed it back then so im going to come back and bring some friends with me and Antigua it will be .

      Again thanks for the reply