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    Portalus, pips need leaderboards much more than new patch with accuravcy!!! RETURN EM PLEAAAASEE!!!!

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    Your e-peen is irrelevant.


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      yes. only newbs are scared of being rediculed in the bottom of tops...


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        I was in the number 1 spot for fleeting for like a month, I had also won 75% of my PvP battles too


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          I agree

          Not only leaderboord give some " incentive " to players, but show their weekely activity.

          Many people only tolk about many things for increase his " Image " that for many is only a " bluff "


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            Functional leaderboards would be a plus. It may not appeal to everyone, but it would give many something to participate in if they chose to.


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              leader boards were a little wonkey anyway. Say you were in a 6v6 and you almost kill one guy and he runs off, one of your buddies is fit for range and kills him, that kill goes to the guy fitted for range not everyone as it was a team effort. Also say you are in another 6v6 and you kill 5 of there's and the last guy manages to sink you then goes down 2 seconds after, you get a 'battles lost' point and if you didnt get the killing blow on someone you get 0 'wins' although your group did win that fight. SO once again, lets say I'm a group fighter 6v6 and so forth, and I maybe get he killing blow on 3 guys every 10 fights won seeing I'm fit for damage and spike, not range but I sink maybe 4 times out of every 10 fights won, though the leader board will show, 3 wins 4 losses, but there was 10 wins in my pvp group.

              Leader boards was not win/loss ratio it was kills and deaths ratio and that is only good for gankers and 1v1ers, not group fighters.


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                What is most messed up about the leaderboards is that they do not portray individual player skill whatsoever. Leaderboard were a ***** due to the fact that some people would kill-*****, waiting to get the kill shot so that their leaderboard would look pretty, this was a big hassle for group leaders such as myself as it discouraged team play. The kill-whoring problem could lead to a different outcome of a fight and it sparked hatred among the group.

                On top of the kill-whoring, there was a bigger surge in ganking, and ganking sucks.

                So does avcom. *Flies away*


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                  Originally posted by Morgan Lacerda View Post

                  So does avcom. *Flies away*
                  this made me rofl