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    Panama sat at a table in the center of the bar room with his first mate Larry "The Croc" Cochran a Cajun Panama had met while hunting Crocodiles several years before. Neither he nor Croc liked to hide in the darkened corners and along edges of a room like some Pirate Captains, who used the rooms darkness to hide their identity's.

    As he gazed at the darkness the only thing he could see was the glow of the pipe bowls that some of the man were smoking. He mocked them by saying , "I can see's ya, Ya knows! Ya bleedn' bunch of pansies hidin' in the dark like a bunch of lil school girls! Ya look like a bunch of bleedin' fire flies wit' all your lil pipes a glowin' in the dark!"

    Getting no response to his harassment, Panama then turned his attention back to what he and Larry had been discussing.
    He looked across the table at Larry and said, " I be serious as a 'eart attack laddy. I'm truly thinking of 'angin up me effects n quitting being a Capt'n on these 'ere Burning Seas.

    Larry drained his glass of Ale and then motioned for the Bar Tender to send over another round for the table. After the Bar Maid, whose name was Brandy, brought the fresh round of drinks Larry said, "Look mon, er I means cap'n JAck, dis no be good idear, you leaving the da sea behind n all. Wha' be gonna 'appens tew the ship?"
    "I'll sell the Rancid Goat. It's just a bleedin ship." Replied Panama.
    Larry shock his head from side to side and said, "Me no understand why ya be wantin' ta quit the sea cap'n, she be good tew us.
    Panama took a drink from his glass and said, " 'Ow many times 'ave I gots ta tell ya arr ya deef? It just ain't the same as it was. It's 'ard ta find a good port battle n if'n ya do ya can nay understand anyone in it n they can nay understand you. Most of the lot of em now be speakin' some kind o gibberish. 'ell laddy ya can nay walk down a street now n not get your ear's all clogged up wit' tha' filithy garbage."

    Panama took another drink and then continued, "Ya remember whens we raided tha' missionary site in Biloxi, thinkin' thar would be gold ta be 'ad? Larry nodded affirmative, "Well it's like tha'. All them missionaries were speaking in tongues er so's they calls it, when we slipped into their church but only one oh them supposedly knew wha' the 'ell the rest of em be on about..................Except for tha' one bloke. Ya remembers 'im Larry? When he saw ya he screamed, "Oh **** thar be pirates!"..............Now he 'ad no problem speakin' English now did he?"

    Larry laughed and said, "Aye cap'n Me members dat. Bu' me also's members tha' ya went around cutting the tongues outta eberyone dat' be chatterin likes a **** caught inna tree.............Cept fer dat last feller..........Ya lets 'im keep 'is. Say Cap'n JAck ya still be havin' dem tounges?"

    Panama shook his head from side to side as he said, "I let 'im keep 'is flappin' tongue cause he spoke n I understood".........N no laddy I don't 'ave the tongues any more, I 'ad em 'anging around me neck on a string fer a couple oh years n they got infested wit' ants whilst we were searchin' fer tha' Dig Dog Treasure a few years ago . Bloody 'ell I thought me dose of crabs 'ad came back at first but it were nuttin but a bunch of filthy **** ant's."

    Panama took another drink, "Now where were we's? Oh ya, I 'ave no problem dealin' wit' foreigners mind ya. But when they be takin' ore the population of this nation er any nation n ya can nay understand a bleedin' word tha' is being seed nine times outta ten then me tinks it be time ta be movin' on. N ta see n 'ear all tha' gibberish constantly ya wonders wha' is bein'.................

    Panama's words were cut short by the sound of a flintlock being cocked and it's trigger being pulled directly behind his head................The guns hammer fell forward as the trigger released it yet there was no sound other then the hammer striking the frissen.

    The man shouted, "совокупляться!" Ashe attempted to **** and fire the pistol a second time.

    His attempt was futile for Larry's boot knife had cleared it's sheath and was now sticking out of the man's chest as he fell to the floor.
    Panama turned in his chair and looked back and down at the man, as he nodded towards the body on the floor he said to Larry, "You keeps wha' ya kill laddy tha' be the code. But me would likes ta 'ave a look at his pistol if'n ya give no never mind tew it. "

    Larry got up from his chair and knelt down beside the body. He removed his knife from the mans chest and after wiping the blood from the blade' onto the man's shirt, he returned it to his boot. He handed Panama the pistol and proceeded to go through the man's effects.

    "See tha' just be wha' I 'ad bean sayin' all this 'ere time. This bloke try's ta shoot me in the back of me 'ead. N I 'ave no idear wha' he seed afore ya stuck 'im in the ****ard wit' your knife. It ain't right I tells ya.....................Did ya find anything good?"

    To be continued......................

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    "I see ye havn't lost your skills with the knife, Larry !" Larry and Panama turned their
    heads at the same time, to see who was speaking, they saw a dark person allmost
    hidden in the shadows, sitting with his back to the wall, but on the table in front of
    him he had his cuttlass laying, there were only one cuttlass looking like that and
    with that manny notches, in all of the Caribbean .....
    Panama tried to see through the smoke in the room " Hermann ? "
    "Aye, at yer service, brother" the dark silhouette answered and got up, picked up the
    cuttlass and stuff'd it away, took his empty mug and walked across the floor.
    " Ahoy Larry, I couldn't help but hear ye ordered a refill fer Panama here, now what about yer ol' pal Hermann ? " Without waiting for an invitation, Hermann pulled out a chair and sat
    down by the table, right across of Panama " Now brother, I gots this here tiny problem
    " Hermann pulls out a map from his coatpocket, and lays it in front of Panama " See
    this ? I guess it's a treasuremap, but look at it, there be strange symbols on it, I
    mean I never seen weird stuff like this befere, I killed the previous owner, I think I
    was a bit quick about it, he shouted some thing like Tovarish putski or some thing,
    never mind I couldn't use him as I could not make any thing out o' his screamin'
    ....What have this world come to, victims and maps ye can't make any sense
    o' ? " Hermann sighed, and gave his still empty mug a dark look, Hermann
    overturns his mug, "Thank Odin it be empty, Larry ? "