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    I really cant write it would result in a lifetime ban.


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      Originally posted by Grutte Pier View Post
      His enemies utter his name in silence
      not sure how this would work, but this is the most awesome story here!!!!!!


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        The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Greyhound

        NOTE: this Timeline relias heavily on the fact that the character of Gabriel 'Greyhound' Drummond is a character I play AFK as well, and he was active as a pirate circa 1660-1690, which is why voodoo is involved, read on if ye still care to hear the tale.

        The Tale o' Greyhound is pretty much forgotten by most.... yet the old buccaneer still lives, yet none can live for a hundred years ye may say, and this be true enough.... Unless voodoo practitioners called 'Les Samiedians' are involved.

        1643- Born 'Gabriel Drummond' to a Scottish Nobleman

        1660- Causes Scandel at the Royale Court of Charles II, Dispossessed and Sold into Slavery on Jamaica

        1662- Escapes, attempts to return to Scotland and Family, but is captured by, and joins French Buccaneers in Windward Passage, three months later is made Captain, earns reputation for speed in battle

        Spring 1663-Sets out to Capture a 'Ship of Force' but is instead taken by the Spanish and Tourtured by the Inquisition at Havana.

        Summer 1663- After escaping Havana on the very galleon that captured him, and building a small fleet, he returns and sacks, and burns the port to the ground

        Fall 1663-Fights duel with the pirate L'Ollonais, challenges strange captain of a ship called 'Les Samiedian' to a duel kills him and Captain unleashes voodoo curse on Greyhound, earns reputation for speed in hand to hand combat, as precaution against curse, aquires magic talismin

        Spring 1664-Sails to attack South America, Storm blows them off course, and seeking 'Any Port in a Storm' land in Cartegena, they are mistaken for a 'Galleon Due in From Seville' Greyhound manages to load all the treasure bound for the king of Spain and sail off before they realize he is a buccaneer. Though he is chases by 3 Spanish Galleons...which he sinks, afterward, loses eye in duel with spanish Capitano

        Spring 1664-Returns to Tortuga and takes 4 masted french galleon which he makes his new flagship also aquires a mystical ability to 'See That Which is Hidden From Mortal Eyes' from a voodoo priestess

        summer 1664-Sails out of Port Royale, developes rivalry with Henry Morgan

        1667- Buys Plantation on Tortuga, and reluctantly sails with Morgan against Maraciabo, when Morgan and mates become trapped, Greyhound runs the Blockade in his flagship.

        1668-Sails with Morgan against Portobello. Fights duel with another 'Samedian' over his 'sight'

        1671-Fights with Morgan at Panama

        1672-Sails as Pirate out of Tortuga and hideout in Florida Keys when buccaneers become hunted men

        1676- Fights pair of Lt Gov. Morgan's Pirate Hunters

        1678-Sails for Madagascar, fallowed by small group of 'Les Sameidians'

        1682- Returns to Caribbean and fights off attack by 4 English Galleons

        1683- Sails with de Graff and de Grammont against Vera Cruz

        1684- Fights sea battle w Spanish off Hispaniola

        1689- Takes part in the sacking of Cartegena

        1689-Retires to his Tortuga Plantation and builds smalltime smuggling ring

        1694- returns to Royale Court of William III and meets Captain Kidd

        1697-Returns to Tortuga

        1701- helps arrange for 'accident' at old friend Captain Kidd's hanging

        1705 dies of old age

        1718- fades into obscurity as names like Blackbeard, Kidd, Black Bart, and Avery become known

        1720- Greyhound's Final Resting Place located by 'Les Samedians' who use voodoo to bring back Greyhound to serve their own purposes, things do NOT go as planned. Greyhound escapes, but is so weak from being dragged back, and restored from Death that he is Captured by Dutchmen... in the hold of a ship, he meets Billy Bones, and swears to regain his Lost Glory, starting with a certain treasure....
        Last edited by Commodore Greyhound; 12-10-2011, 07:58 AM. Reason: changing terminology, and editing spelling.