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  • Roberts or Antigua? Unofficial RP server!

    Title: Bring Bonny Back! (BBB Thread)

    Hello. My name is “FlyJack” and I have come to rally the roleplayers of Pirates of the Burning Sea onto a single server to create and maintain a Roleplaying society. I will be honest, it has barely been a month since I started playing POTBS and it has been even shorter since I started to look for any traces of RP in the game on the forums. But it didn’t even take me a day to figure out that the RP society in this game is practically dead.

    From what I’ve read, it is a rather unfortunate circumstance that an unofficial RP server known as “Bonny” was shut down. From what I see, it is clear that the Roleplayers of that server, scattered or have quit, and the RP society as a whole has since then evaporated.

    From that day forward, I am confident when I say that hundreds of roleplayers from other games have come and go as they were unable to find the RP they sought out in this wonderful game. I myself, was among them. Googling the keywords “Pirates of the Burning Sea” and “RP” in hopes of finding a good route to good RP, but instead finding outdated threads of “RP directories in Antigua” and members grieving for the loss of Bonny.

    So, I have decided to start “BBB”: so that we can decide once and for all, which server will house future roleplayers and the many roleplayers scattered throughout the realms. Which will it be? Roberts? Or Antigua?

    I understand that there are four factions, and that coordinating RP is a bit hard. But I believe that claiming one of the servers as the “Unofficial RP server” is a good start, and is a hell of a lot better than not deciding on one.

    I thank you for reading this far into my post. For now, I leave you with two choices and to ask for your vote. This thread is open to debate but please keep it clean. I do not want to be the one to decide, but I believe that our verdict on the unofficial rp server should be based on the number of roleplayers on each server, or the number of established societies on each server. Cheers to you all.

    This message has been posted in the “Salty Sea Dog Inn Forums”, "General Discussion" “Antigua General Forums” and “Roberts General Forums”. Please send all comments, opinions, insults, votes, etc. to the "Salty Sea Dog" thread.

    Bring Bonny Back!

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    I for one havent been around for long, a few days to be honest. But im currently on Roberts and looking for roleplayers. So my voice doesnt count for much since im new, but I'd prefer Roberts as the unofficial RP server as it's the EU server.


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      What is your faction and name? I've got a group of two so far on team Britain in terms of RP.

      and every vote counts imo. THank you.


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        Originally posted by FlyJack View Post
        What is your faction and name? I've got a group of two so far on team Britain in terms of RP.

        and every vote counts imo. THank you.
        Faction is British and my in-game name is "Ingvar Von Wilen", just like my forum nick.


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          On Roberts you will find The West Indies Squadron is a British RP oriented society, we also do PvP, RvR and Econ equally. Feel free to ask for us, William Roberts and I (Jack Enfield) do the recruiting for the society, or just add us as friends and introduce yourself if you would like to attend any of our RP events.


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            FlyJack you not the only looking for more RP, i have just start the game few days ago and was hopeing for a more Ahoy! Look Smartly, ye landlubber! Be ye stealin' me grog? Avast! Be we shipmates?

            Arrr i am a Pirate
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              Unless you roll French you'll be roleplaying a map loss, almost exclusively.


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                My old server was Bonny, as well.

                I'm currently on Roberts, too ... getting back into the swing of things after that long hiatus. My current characters are Brit, but I've longed to RP a French character as well.

                Will watch this thread


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                  *Roleplaying another map win*


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                    I'm French on Robert's..look me up..Jean Luc Duvalle.
                    Or on Antigua I'm Spanish Rafael De Soto.

                    I are an RP' needs of RP, hehehe.


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                      "King" Kojo Sobo can be found on the Roberts server as well. He's a pirate. Go Roberts!


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                        if you cant speak russian dont go roberts...


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                          I dabble with RP.
                          You can manage to RP with a bit of imagination even if the language the other folks use means nothing to you.

                          The emotes are a great tool for this. Dont know the Russian for attack that ship, use /point.
                          Dont knwo how to say yes in Russina, use /nod.

                          I like the idea taht the caribbean is full of different languages. Afterall, the real one would have been (maybe not Russian, but I dont understand Spanish or French either, so not understanding Russian is no different).


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                            I'm on Antigua and of the Pirate faction. Always looking for RP.


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                              I'd really like if they brought out a new server now, ideally with PB times from 9pm CET to 10pm PST (10 hour window)