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  • Antigua RP Database

    Welcome to the Antigua Roleplay Database. Most of the information currently in The Salty Sea Dog Inn is either outdated or unorganized. Let's fix it so we don't have a community that appears to be stuck in first quarter 2009. Contained within this thread will be a continuously updated list of characters, societies, player events, and short fiction.

    If you wish to have any content added to the database, simply post in this thread and I will add it in for you. I'll routinely comb the forums to find updates from other threads.

    Last Updated: 3/16/10 - More peeps in the hood, yo.

    Characters (click to jump to section)

    This is a list of roleplay characters and biographies, categorized by nation.

    Roleplay Societies (click to jump to section)

    This is a list of active roleplaying societies, categorized by nation.

    Current Events (click to jump to section)

    This is a list of upcoming and ongoing roleplay and player events.

    PotBS Fiction (click to jump to section)

    This is a list of short stories and ongoing fiction based in the PotBS universe.
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    The following is a list of characters and their biographies for Antiguan roleplayers. Biography information is not to be used in-game without express consent of the player.

    When posting character biographies, please use this format:

    In-Game Name: (Your handle, as it appears within PotBS.)
    Nation: (In-game nation)
    Full Name: (Your character's name, if it differs from your in-game handle.)
    Biography: (A BRIEF summary of your character, about 100-200 words or less. Remember that your appearance can be seen by your in-game avatar.)

    Feel free to attach character screenshots to your post.

    Index of Characters


    Gideon Angel
    Jonathan Berkeley
    Michael Cross
    Virgil Boticelli
    Dante Boticelli


    Renee delaMontaigne
    Genivive du Renard

    Chantilly Angevin



    Rose Blacke
    Kaichee Balior
    Karg Aurochs
    Anna*lisa Townsend
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      Roleplay Societies

      When posting, please list any of the following:

      Society Name:
      Contact: (Who to contact about joining or events)
      Information: (Out Of Character information on your society and RP style.)
      Roleplay Message: (Any In Character message or promotion you wish to give.)

      Feel free to attach promotional images to your posts.

      Index of Societies


      Breakwater Company
      St. George Squadron of the White




      Atlas Compagnie
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        Current Events

        Rum and Wench Nights in Tortuga! - Thursdays, 9-11pm est.
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          PotBS Fiction

          Burning Angel by Gideon Angel
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            In-Game Name: Gideon Angel
            Nation: Britain
            Full Name: Gideon "Angel" Amari
            Biography: Gideon Amari was a captain in the British Royal Navy until he was given a sensitive assignment that required he assume to role of a ruthless privateer. The mission was hellish and ill-fated, and it left him more pirate than officer. Upon completion he resigned from the navy and embraced the persona he had created for himself: Gideon Angel.
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              Nation: Britain
              Society Name: Breakwater Company
              Contact: Gideon Angel, Jonathan Berkeley
              Information: Not recruiting. Breakwater Company is a Live Events/RP/PvP society with a rich history on Bonny and Antigua. In character, Breakwater Company is a private security organization that offers its services to the highest bidder regardless of nationality, though really the company is desperate enough to do any job so long as it pays. Breakwater is most famous for the strange antics of its founding members, Gideon Angel and Jonathan Berkeley.
              Roleplay Message: There is a sign posted on the door of the Breakwater Company offices in Port Royal: 'NO COWS.'
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                In-Game Name: Virgil and Dante Boticelli
                Nation: Britain

                Biography: Two brothers of very different personalities. Originally from Italy, the brothers arrived to the Burning seas with thoughts of power and success in mind. Their alliance to the British nation stems from their mother being a British native.

                Virgil is a cunning, witty entrepreneur known for his quick on his feet thinking and insatiable appetite for financial control over the Caribbean. Due to the Caribbean's climate and environment, Virgil was able to take some of Italy's best Cannabis strains and tailor them for max output potential. After a few months of growing and nurturing his fine crop, he uses some of the wonderful buds as his own personal stash, while selling the rest to Pirate children. With the left over plant matter, he turns this fine plant into hemp products such as rope, canvas, riggings and even sail outfitting. Currently his production has expanded to that of gold and silver ingots as well as crafting gun outfits. Virgil takes ultimate pride in his sense of playing the market. Buy low just to ship and sell high.

                Dante is an ex-naval officer of the Italian Navy recently commissioned to fight for and with the british navy. Unlike his brother, Dante is a strict and fearless combatant with a no BS attitude. Trained to sail at a young age by his father, the seas offer more comfort then that of a 1000 w.h.ore houses. A very simply man with a very simple goal... To exterminate the Caribbean of rodents (Rats and Frogs) by generously donating large broadsides of bronze at his 2 most disputed enemies.


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                  Nation: Britain
                  Society Name: St. George Squadron of the White
                  Contact: Sea Lord Joseph Fletcher
                  Information: We are a well established RP society with a relatively strong player base interested in all aspects of PotBS. We are working to demonstrate that RP and PvP/RvR are not mutually exclusive. We have recently relocated from Roberts to Antigua in search of more active PvP and RvR in a more genteel and cooperative setting.
                  Roleplay Message: Having completed the obligatory perusal of the official dispatches in the latest mail to come aboard, the tarpaulin captain let out a rather deep sigh, leaned back from the small pool of lamplight on his desk into the darkened confines of his cabin, and paused to rub his gritty eyes before continuing on to the large pile of personal correspondence remaining on the desk. Lifting a rather curious envelope, he decides his personal mail could wait just a minute or two longer. Breaking the seal, he reads the rather cryptic message soliciting help from all nations currently engaged in the Caribbean. Not quite clear on exactly what the author may have in mind, the captain, feeling old beyond his years, takes the time to pen a letter to his commanding officer into which he folds the odd invitation. "Yes" he thinks to himself, "I really should pass this on." Pressing his sigil into the hot wax, Captain Hackworth calls the Midshipman who delivered the dispatches back into his office. "See to it that this makes it back to the packet boat at once Mr. MacGillicutty."
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                    In-Game Name: Anna*lisa Townsend

                    Nation: Pirate

                    Full Name: Captain Anna*lisa Townsend

                    Biography: Anna*lisa was born in to a wealthy family, unfortunately her mother died during birth, so Anna*lisa never met her. One day Anna*lisa's father and her were on their way to the Caribbean, because her father was going to be the governor of a little town called Mourning. On their way there, his ship was set upon by pirates! He told his daughter to hid in the brig. Unfortunately a man by the name of James Sterling found her. He was going to kill her, but did not because she gave him her mother's golden necklace. When Anna*lisa came up on deck, she found that all of the cargo was taken. Even though they had no cargo they continued their journey to Mourning. Shortly after they established the town, she set sail on a journey , to find the man who took her mother's necklace and stole their cargo. This took her to New Orleans, where she found James. Anna*lisa's crew took him aboard her ship named the Dangerous Lady. He told Anna*lisa that he gave the necklace to Crimson Kelly, one of the most notorious pirates in the Caribbean, and his master. The Crew was about to kill James but Anna*lisa stopped the execution, because she couldn't see another human being harmed. James then made a deal with Anna*lisa , that he will take her to Crimson Kelly, in exchange for going free. On their voyage to meet Crimson Kelly's ship, The Phantom Mist, James explained what he was doing on his ship. James said that he was only a cabin boy and wanted to have a life at sea. On their way Anna*lisa fell in love with him...but did not let her crew know, because they might question her loyalty to the Crown. They got to Crimson Kelly's ship in the dead of night. They then got in position for a surprise attack, only to find that James escaped. He was trying to get the necklace, to have leverage on Anna*lisa, because he wanted Crimson Kelly's ship and the treasure on board. Their fight against Crimson Kelly was victorious, and Anna*lisa got her necklace back and James had his ship. Anna*lisa then got back to Mourning and Told her father about her journey, he was very proud of his little girl. One day James visited the town of Mourning and gave some of the treasure that was on the Phantom Mist to Anna*lisa. They then set sail for many years of piracy with a bunch of scallywags named the Nine Winds.
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                      Screenname: Koren Norsemann

                      Full Name: KШrТn MK NШrsemann
                      Society: None (looking though)
                      Place of Birth: Asa Bay, Norway
                      Nation: Pirate
                      Bio: You approach a grizzled old veteran pirate, curious about this 'Koren Norsemann' that seems to buzz around the Caribbean's ports every so often. He tells quite the tale.

                      Aye. I sailed wit Cap'n Norsemann I did. Wot a good Cap'n 'e wos. Some say 'e wos'nt even a man... but som'n else. 'e was tall... Scandinavian. Pale skin, blonde 'air. Da wenches flocked to 'im on sight *chuckle*. Aye, 'e wos a good Cap'n. All the stories of 'im be true. The Young King Abbot, bless that sloop, did sink the Invideus! I was mannin the lines that day. The Invideus you say? Arr.. a treacherous Brittish frigate she wos. Three times the size of the good ship Abbot, arr. Ol' Cap'n would shout 'is orders as 'e manned the helm so daring. We outsailed the blundering ship and raked her several times. Cap'n wos angry we didn't get ter board 'er he wos.

                      Arr? Wots dat? Where's 'e now? Alas... the sea be a cruel mistress to 'im in the end. 'is glorious frigate the Lady Saint Helen was sank by the Brits. That ship was truly a beauty. Named for 'is daughter they say, who was hunged in Port Royale. Not seen nothing of 'im since fer some 20 years. God rest 'is soul. Best Cap'n I ever did 'ave the pleasure of sailin' with in all me years. I've 'eard rumours that the Abbot's been spotted recently in the Bahamas... that ship wos 'is first ship. Maybe if ye track that ship down ye can learn more.


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                        Name: Tillek Mcleod
                        Nation: Brethren.
                        Ship: which ever he's found to be useful.

                        Tillek comes from a long line of oppertunistic seamen. His Grandfather started the tradition and his father learned from him. When the time came Tillek himself commandeered his on ship and took to the seas carrying out his family tradition
                        Charismatic and care free. Tillek is a very youthful and fun loving pirate. He'd rather be sailing then in a pub any day of the week. He even boost that he once took a ship with nothing but apples loaded into his cannons. It's even been said he's a joy to be pirated by. Cracking jokes and sharing a drink with those he hijacks.

                        Tillek drinks very liitle. Opting to stay sober and very much aware of any situation. He's very skilled at sailing and his agility is above par. He enjoys a good duel. Doing such with his smile never leaving his face.


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                          In-Game Name: Captain Scott Burnett
                          Nation: Great Britain
                          Full Name: Scott Alexander Burnett
                          Ship: HMS Excellent; 84-gun Third rate
                          Society: Three Sheets to the Wind
                          Motto: Treat every man who speaks ill of your king your enemy, treat every frenchman as if he were the devil himself!

                          Biography: Born in the City of Bristol, south west England. Scott was brought up on the tales of Blackbeard (who also was born in the city) and he dreamed of adventure. In 1707, with the help of his father's naval connections, Scott was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the King's navy and sent to the Caribbean to 'Hunt down enemies of the crown and protect Britain's colonies and her interests'. His first command was aboard the HMS Ambush, 28-gun sixth rate. After several engagements off Nassau against combined French and Spanish fleets, Burnett quickly came to the attention of the Admiralty in Port Royal and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and Captain soon after. Continuing his service, Captain Burnett and his friend, Captain Jovan Vickers heroically kept the Pirates at bay and stopped an assault on the Islands. Yet again, Burnett's efforts were brought to the Admiralty and after a final mission which ended in the capture of a major French shipyard, Scott was promoted to Rear Admiral - only 13 years into his service. Captain Jovan Vickers was recalled back to Britain, and later re-assigned as Second in command of the Mediterranean fleet, He never saw Admiral Burnett again. Scott's flagship, the HMS Excellent - 84 gun, Third Rate Ship-of-the-Line - today patrols the straights into the gulf of Mexico. Often helping new or junior officers and merchants gain experience in these dangerous waters. Along with his 'Band of Brothers' the members of 'Three Sheets to the Wind' as they continue the struggle for dominance against their sworn enemies, The French and Spanish.. along with a few marauding pirates and smugglers..
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