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  • Have a roleplaying society? Want to find one? Post here!

    Hello my fellow RPers!

    I noticed there wasn't a single place to list all the RP societies and what servers they're on, so it was way over due to make one!

    Please feel free to list the following:

    Society Name:
    RP Purpose:
    Any regular events?

    Happy sailing!

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    Highland Confederates

    Server: Antigua
    Natiion: French
    Society Name: Highland Confederacy
    RP Purpose: For the most part to live in the 1720's more in a moment
    Any Regular Events: We try to have a Tavern gathering on Friday nights from 8m Eastern till Midnight.
    But this explains it better

    Posted mysteriously in all ports...

    The Highland Confederacy calls on every Scot, Irish, Welsh, even French Captain. The call of the West Indies is one of certain fortune and fame. The pretenders in England would claim it for their own. They would rule the world, for surely Scotland was not enough for them. They would see their will stamped on every decision of every nation, forcing obedience at their sword points.

    Whereas the Treaty of Union is considered a false document to us, and whereas the French nation has given us aid in our bid for freedom, The Highland Confederacy seeks to find illusive freedom in the waters of the Caribbean. There we shall seek our fortune and when we can the downfall of our enemies and those of our host nation. The French have stood against English tyranny for decades and we will lend our strength to them. We will find no home in the Isles of our birth, though we will once again reclaim it. The Jacobite cause will not end with a lost battle.

    Join us in seizing for ourselves, what others would steal from us. Economic might, fortune, fame, glory, freedom. Join us in destroying the power of our enemies to wage their war against us. Freetraders, privateer captains, stout men and women are welcome. Scotsmen, Irishmen, Welshmen, Frenchmen, Colonials. All who seek freedom are welcome.

    All are welcome to visit our website where the shackles of time don't apply.


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      Server: Antigua
      Nation: Pirate
      Society Name: Devil's Hands
      Contact: Vin Oragon

      RP Purpose:

      The Devil's Hands is a medium to heavy pirate RP Society that sails the burning sea with a passion for everything we do. The Devil's Hands are a tight group of pirates, honoring the code among thieves. They are respected by many and feared by all, and if you don't fear them, you haven't met them. To the Oragon brothers and its Devil's Hands, crew is family.

      The Devil's Hands are a mature, moderate to heavy RP Pirate Society with a big emphasis on fun! At the moment, our membership is made up of veteran Role players of a variety of other MMORPG'S. We strongly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to membership. Slow and comfortable growth is 'how things will be done in the Devil's Hands. We are in no hurry to be huge by any means. We are a mature group of people, and it shows in our actions. We intend to play out the experience of a pirate the best we can, and we are excited to be apart of the community here.

      We will be the most feared and respected Pirate organization on the seas. We do expect members to be loyal, dedicated and trustworthy to the members of the society and to the community as well. Respect will be something that we will continue to earn. You will see our actions soon enough, be sure to watch your flank.

      "Crew's family, mess wit one, n' die by our hands."

      There are tales in the ports and harbors all over the Caribbean of a league of pirates that sail for the Devil himself. They give no quarter, surrender, or mercy, and it is said that the souls of the sailors they kill are sent straight to hell.

      Beware the Oragon brothers and their brood, if you are unfortunate enough to be attacked by them in the open sea, know it will be your end.



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        Knights of St George

        Server: Antigua
        Nation: Britton
        Society Name: Knights of St George
        RP Purpose: We are a Knighthood in service to St George via King George.
        Any regular events? Working on it!

        Seek out a Knight of St George and petition him for a squireship. If you are found worthy, you will be brought in and trained in the fine arts of naval combat. We will make you a one man fleet, and all shall know that the Knights of St George are not to be trifled with, and neither are those under our protection.

        We only take true believers and people ready and willing to fight for their God and Country.

        Some more info in our forums, we are just getting started, but there will be more info in the coming days and weeks.


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          I know there are more RP societies than this. I'm curious, so POST PLEASE. ty.


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              Originally posted by Redcoat22 View Post
              /me claps

              Very nice. And if I played British on Blackbeard, I would head to St. John's in a heartbeat.


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                What exactly is a role player. I thought if you played the game you were playing as a role player. Is this something different???


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                  I am looking for a roleplaying Soc.

                  I am:

                  Pirate on Blackbeard
                  British on Defiant

                  If there are any roleplaying soc's that are on that combo, please message me.

                  If you have a good group on Antigua, preferably pirate. Message me your soc info, it'll take a little bit to make me start a new char so I have to know it would be worth it.



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                    Originally posted by MichaelMCDaniel View Post
                    What exactly is a role player. I thought if you played the game you were playing as a role player. Is this something different???
                    Well, while the game is technically a massively multiplayer role-playing game, usually "roleplayers" will take it a bit farther than simply playing the game. We'll generally come up with background stories for our characters, and whenever we're logged in to the game, we will try to behave as much as possible as our characters would within the game's setting and time period, especially in local chat. Instead of simply playing the game as it is, sailing around, blowing stuff up, we try to make it more in-depth and immersive, with our own story lines and events that we come up with. Often, roleplayers think of themselves more like actors in a story than just players of a game. It's fun to try to adopt the persona of your character on the screen for the purpose of exploring a game like this.


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                      Originally posted by Navis Hawkins View Post
                      I am looking for a roleplaying Soc.

                      I am:

                      Pirate on Blackbeard
                      British on Defiant

                      If there are any roleplaying soc's that are on that combo, please message me.

                      If you have a good group on Antigua, preferably pirate. Message me your soc info, it'll take a little bit to make me start a new char so I have to know it would be worth it.

                      Well if your looking for a Pirate group on Antigua then get ahold of anyone from Nine Winds. Olympias or Kaichee comes to mind.


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                        Yar, I can confirm the Nine Winds is an excellent group of people to play with. We don't all roleplay but those that don't are accepting of it. In fact we're all pretty much accepting of most things. If it weren't for them I'd have likely moved on to another game after the Easter RP Ball this past spring. They helped rekindle my enjoyment of this game.


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                          Caracas, 20th November AD 1720

                          Dear Otávio,

                          I have received a letter from our most beloved sister describing the rumours circulating in Porto about my adventures in the Americas in a way so spectacular and fantastic I almost envied myself. It is true that the six months I have spent here have been far from what I expected, I can assure you, however, that I have not become a Mayan priest and neither have I fought a dragon, although to be completely honest I wouldn't be surprised if anything like that happened in the near future.

                          Let me describe what I have actually experienced since our paths split in Cape Verde. As you know, I set sail for Brazil, claiming that it is the furthest one can get from The East India Company, while staying in a more or less civilized country. And it was indeed a pleasant place to have a home in until...the incident. Well, let's just say there was a young man and there was a woman and she happened to be the wife of Vice-rei of Estado do Brazil and I am more than sure that a young man with imagination such as yours does not needs be told more. I hastily embarked the first ship I saw which turned out to be a Spanish one from La Plata captained by a man called Tristan Dragón. A little uptight, if you ask me, but a fine and decent man in general. You can imagine my horror when I found out that the ship was heading to Antigua. And imagine how my horror increased when I was told by Tristan Dragón that not only the island itself, but all British possessions in the Carribean were run by - yes, The East India Company. Not only did those spawns of Satan ruined my - oh well, I know - our business in Goa, they were also incapable of understanding the meaning of the word "East". It was sometimes after the sixth heart attack when Tristan Dragón saved my life by offering me to accompany him on his private voyage to Vera Cruz after we finish the official trip to St. John's. As it turned out the said voyage was his last one. Shortly after our arrival in Vera Cruz, the city was attacked by a group of obscure self-styled pirates, who for reasons unknown thought that they can wreak havoc on a major Spanish port with what appeared to be refits of fishing ships. Our good father, may he rest in peace, used to say that luck is a cheap ***** and that day Tristand Dragón learned this eternal truth the hard way. One of the pebbles flying from the fishing boats hit him right between the eyes and the pirates could feel like King David himself for a moment. The difference between the prophet and them was that the prophet was not killed immediately after slaying Goliath by an angry Portuguese merchant.

                          Ever since then the situation has been getting more and more absurd. With his last breath Tristan Dragón gave me a map, which - as it seems - is highly sought after by many a man in the Carribean for reasons that I don't want to confide in paper. Let me just tell you that the map caught me more than once between a rock and a crazy place. I had to choose whether to side with a lunatic claiming that the end of monarchies is nigh and republics will take place all over the world ( I even heard him mumbling something about aquarius and sunshine ) or with a no less psychotic German knight who wanted to torture the former.

                          Making a living in the Carribean is no easy thing. Apparently, people here are only interested in buying ships, or ship outfittings or things to make ships with. I still haven't figured out how exactly they acquire food, drinks, clothes or houses. Personally, I am forced to live in a ship as there is absolutely no real estate market, I wear the very same dress I have been wearing for six months, except for a new coat I was given by my former employee ( import from Europe, probably ) and I lost more than a pound or two during the last six months. You can get some food by buying a ship, but once the provisions are gone, you are stuck with chewing sails.

                          I can't help but remark that sometimes it is a challenge to communicate with local people . In the cities, you can hear nice Spanish, but the language of Carribean captains is a controversial issue among me and my crew. While they say that albeit mutilated, it is actually Spanish, I think it is some form of artificial secret language, similar to those of little children who want to plot against their parents in their very presence.

                          Well, the best thing is always served the last, isn't it? I met a woman. I mean, not a woman, but the woman. But that's about it, if you want to know more, you have to come to the Carribean. I know you are bored in Porto, I know you want to see the map and above all I know you want to seduce my fianceé.

                          P.S. Oh, and bring some port, the local wine is so terrible that even the British realise it.

                          Anxiously awaiting,


                          Well, that is me and my story. I'm Joao Borjes, I am roleplaying on Antigua, I am a lvl 30 Freetrader and if there are any (not only) Spanish roleplayers, I'll be happy to meet them.


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                            Myself and a few other veteran roleplayers are starting a new pirate society on Antigua for roleplay. We will be able to accommodate players looking for anything from light to heavy roleplay.

                            Attached is the in character ad which would be posted on back-alley walls in Europe, and on sand-washed ports in the West Indies.

                            Here is a link with more information:
                            Attached Files


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                              Well the idea of RP within a game intrigued me... I've got experience with role-play outside of MMO's.. But yeah. I'd like to join a French RP society if there is one, even if just to get to read and see how it works!

                              Of course I'd probably like to join in too.

                              Just contact me through PM or reply or something!