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  • Can't build a warehouse.

    My reputation with all trade unions is above -500. I'm playing a Spanish Freetrader, and I'm trying to build a warehouse in a French port. The 'Build Warehouse' button is grayed out, but when I hover the mouse over it all of the requirements are green, indicating that I should be able to build one. I also have enough doubloons.

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    Which port?

    In some ports (Pointe a Pitre, Pensacola and Charlesfort in the case of France) you get a free warehouse merely by opening the AH interface in that port.

    In others (Fort Caroline, St Augustine, San Marcos) there are no port resources so you cannot build a warehouse at all.


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      I'm trying to build one in Tampico (I'm on Antiqua server). It's currently under martial law. I sailed up to Belle Isle, LA, which isn't currently under martial law, and it's French controlled too. They also have sulfur as a resource. I couldn't build a warehouse here either.


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        I cannot see why martial law should make a difference, and of course Tampico is an econ port.

        There is only one other restriction I can think of: You are not allowed more than ten econ warehouses (there are no restictions on free warehouses - there are twelve of these). But to have 10 warehouses on a character (warehouses are restricted per character, not per account) is so expensive and unnecessary that I doubt many people ever run up against this restriction.

        One other thing I wonder whether warehouses are restricted on F2P accounts, and you need to buy more slots from the Treasure Aisle. I don't think this is the case; F2P accounts can certainly build two warehouses and I think the TA warehouse thing is just to save yourself the very expensive doubloon cost of a new warehouse when you reach five or more and you have more dollars than sense doublooons.


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          Are you sure you have enough money? I ran into the same problem and the story from FLS was you needed a sum of money above the listed warehouse cost to cover taxes. I'm not sure what taxes, but when I added some dbs to that toon I was able to build


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            I am a Captain's Club member, not free2play. When I hover over the 'Build Warehouse' button, all of the requirements are green. Including where it says '16200 Doubloons'. I have around 18000 doubloons. Maybe the tooltip that appears when you hover over the 'Build Warehouse' button doesn't take into account the added cost for tax since it's a foreign port?


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              I think charliem is right.

              You did not used to pay taxes when building a warehouse or structure. This changed with port governance in Power and Prestige, but it appears the tooltips have never been updated to include tax.

              It would be worth filing a support ticket to bring this to the Devs' attention.

              It would also be worth waiting till Tampico is back in Spanish hands

              [if you do go ahead and build the warehouse while Tampico is still French, please check carefully how much you actually pay, and check the port tax rate too, and whether you do in fact get the tax reduction for Tax Evasion, assuming you have this skill (you really ought to, if you are going to start making stuff in foreign ports). Note that the port tax rate you usually see displayed already includes the reduction for Tax Evasion. Please post back here with your findings]


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                Yes, you guys were right. Tooltip said 16200 doubloons, tax rate was 25%, I paid 20250. I couldn't wait to build it, lol. I wanted to get my sulfur mine down so it could start building up some hours. That way I can get back to questing so I can fund my bronze shot production line, which I followed from one of your posts in another thread Remus .

                I do have 'Tax Evasion', after I filled out the Ship Mastery tree I moved on to the Trade tree. I'm not sure exactly how I can check if I got a discount for having Tax Evasion. Although it does seem like the tax rates on some foreign ports are lower, but not by 50%. A few of the French ports are around 25% and 30%, but some of the Pirate ports are still at 40%. I guess I should have payed more attention to what the tax rates were before I picked up Tax Evasion.

                Anyway, thanks for all of the input so far guys, as well as the many other threads with extensive econ info.


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                  Rather confusingly now tax rates are still described as
                  France's Tax Rate for Spanish Captains: 50%
                  This is the actual display for Tampico Antigua so at least you can be sure you are getting the Tax Evasion reduction.

                  However, it isn't an accurate description with port governance. The message should read
                  Tax Rate for Spanish Captains in Tampico: 50%
                  Tax rates can be set by the governor at any rate from 5% to 100% for each nation individually. The French governor of Tampico clearly wishes to ease the burden a little on the Spanish locals as he has lowered tax from the default rate of 60%. The default rate for pirates in national ports or nats in pirate ports is 80%, and the default for your own nation is 5%, but all can be changed by the governor.


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                    So for you Tampico is showing taxes at 50% for Spanish captains? Is that without the Tax Evasion talent? And you're on Antigua right?

                    Does that mean the Tax Evasion talent takes 50% off of the tax rate (bringing a 50% tax rate down to 25%)? I guess when I first saw the Tax Evasion talent I thought it would just subtract 50% from the port's tax rate (so 50% tax rate would go down to 0%) , instead of dividing the tax rate in half. They could have been more specific with that talent in the tooltip, either way it's still a must-have talent for a FT.


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                      Yes, Tampico Antigua is (or was - I haven't checked since I made that last post) 50% for Spain without Tax Evasion. Britain is 60%, pirates 80% and France 5%.

                      Tax Evasion and the pirate equivalents are applied as multipliers, and only in foreign ports.

                      This could mean you pay less tax in a foreign port than you do in your own nation's ports (50% of 5%), if that port has a particularly generous governor.