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    Dangermouse and helleo, are you getting these problems on Test Server?


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      SOE update not working correctly

      I am not able to test that issue, I am not even able to play since the last update.

      The station knows that the actual release is 61, because it shows it in release notes.
      However, the potbs.exe version is 60, which is giving me empty server list.

      I tried deleting this file as well as others with it, the soe still mistaking it for the 61 release and not wanting to really update, even with a full scan.

      What should i do to make soe understand that the file is not updated ?

      Thank for your help guys, because fls answered my ticket by saying it is not up to them to troubleshoot the distribution of the game since they are not the distributors of the game. They gave me a like to contact Sony, which I did but have no answer yet.
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        Just one thing I can think of: right click the Launcher and Run as Administrator.

        I have never needed to do this for game patches myself, but I have just had to do this to get Station Launcher itself to update.
        Run as Administrator might be the solution if your game is in Program Files or ProgramData in Vista or Windows 7.


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          I tried "run as admin" with no improvements.

          One slight I might add is that I noticed that the soe finds out that he got 75 MB to download after I delete the potbs.exe then he gets satisfied with few KBs. The differences are much greater with I delete more files, like from 1400MB or so, only 4MB are good enough for the soe.

          Really strange updater, keeping me from playing. I knew that i am addicted to games in general, but I never thought 1 game would drive me crazy if I can not play it. Meanwhile, ill stick to LOL (at least they have the decency to distribute their game and handle the patching burden themselves, even that they patch every 2 weeks, every week sometimes, to add more heroes).