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  • Galeon Couronne vs packboat hermes. I CANT BELIEVE


    My name is Duque de Olivares, i`m a level 50 freetrader and i late over 2 months to get 4 millions in doblons to make my couronne galleon, i have used today in havana vs 3 english players attacked me after go out from the port, when I SUPPOSE should have the invisibility addons after go out from one port, so they could see me and get me in pvp combat, i can remmeber that they were 2 bermuda sloop and 1 packboat hermes. I had all resistance and recharge outfitting with 6700 points for sails and maximum, I CAN`T BELIEVE that i was doing fire in them since 150 yards distance and only get one shot in the, using precision shot and short range. I CAN`T BELIVE in 30 minutes im was mistaking all my 72 cannons in them, while we fire me all the time with damage.

    i used, all skills combat, expert like carpenter, sailers and gunner, all type of repair patch and skill, they do me in damage about 14000 points in sails and armor, while i only do them less of 20% damage WITH 72 CANNONS IN SHORT RANGE !!!!!!!

    So if this not a bug or something wrong in the battle, means for me than 3 ships for 100.000 dbs total can kill one couronne galleon 3,5 millions and all skills and helps combat avaible for freetraders.

    I LEAVE THE GAME NOW. I lost all this time playing to see my first battle with this BEST SHIP for freetrader with 3 ships level 16 and lost it. I`m feeling Powerless, i used all things possible in a battle i mistake all fire in them also in close range.

    So I┤m feeling now a HIGH UPSET,ANGRY,POWERLESS all things than you can imagine with this situation, because means for me.

    1║ I cant escape from port pvp never because their small ships are more mobiles and faster than me colossal ship.

    2║ I cant surrender my ship because is better destroy me than leave escape with the construccion price of this ship. They refused all the time.

    3║ Freetrader only have experts items like profession skill quest with a high cost price to use and also 30 minutes cooldown after one used. So only 1 use for battle while they killed me using their skills all the time without cost.

    So i want you check what is happening in this report and report battle and I WANT RECOVER MY DURABILITY COURONNE POINT LOST IN THIS BATTLE.Because i`m feeling cheated and deceived If i dont recieve it, i will cancel my account and recommend all 80 players memmbers guild make the same than me in this month.

    Sorry for my words, but i cant believe, mistake all shots all the time and feel powerless comparated with 3 small - medium ships with a 10% price than my ship.

    I was defending this game in front of player telling this game havent any future. I LOVE THIS GAME, but after this situation using my best possible and expensive ship with all avaible help in a combat versus 3 small ships and feel powerless and wait to die. I want one explanation and recover my durability point lost. Waiting your answer in the short time avaible.

    Thank you for your time.

    Freetrader level 50.
    Duque de Olivares.
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    My new favorite post!


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      If the ships you were up against cost about 10% of yours that would be like 350k
      Wich isnt correct so actually they cost more like 0.5% the cost of your ship... maybe less i dont have the numbers in my head :P


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        I think someone should have told ya that ship is like a sol. Dont go solo lol.


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          well first looking at your thumbnail I have a question. Did you have any outfitting outside of the general ones? Two during the battle did you not go for the sails at first. They were in small and very fast ships. I am assuming they tried to stay out of your fireing acrs if you did nto sink them in one boradside I woudl guess they ran out of range and repaired while one of the other ships kept you busy ? As for the invisability when you leave a port you do know that, unlike leavign an adhoc, the minutes you do anythign even rasing your sails you become visable. Also you mentioned using precision shot you do realize that if you take damage the "buffs" of that are cancelled. It becomes rather hard to use that skill if you are the sole target of 3 ships as the chances are one of them is alwasy fireign at you.
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            Every big slow high level ship has the same problem in that situation. A 1st rate ship of the line would also lose.

            You should have tried some pvp as you were leveling up. You would have known this was going to happen and it wouldnt have cost you so much.

            Oh, and, that ship has a 17.5 base speed. Put speed mods on and outrun them.


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              Red circle, no crying etc.


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                A sol is not godmode . You should buff the accuracy seems you have none on cannons .


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                  Wow. You are complaining that you can't solo 3 humans that can outmaneuver you and hit you where you can't hit back? I would even recommend a movie for you to watch: Master and Commander.

                  Jack Aubrey tells his sailing master "she is still vulnerable in the stern." Seems you learned that lesson the hard way.


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                    1║ I had: recharge cannons 2 with +10% in outfitting colossal space cannon
                    special sails with +10% integrity sails and +17 runner velocity maximum(sails)
                    special armor with +24% integrity armor and -4 troops defence. (armor)
                    Exceptional Sant Elmo +48 integrity sails
                    Reforced armor special item +30 integrity armor and +25% to see in open sea
                    Exceptional Heavy Cannons +17 damage and -10% resistence troops

                    TOTAL: 6790 integrity sails
                    1100/559 stern...
                    2550 lateral armor
                    2950 points estructure
                    72 cannos if you want more date check internet

                    2║ The combat time was about 20 minutes and they were attacking me on range 350-150 yards, sometimes i got them in close like 50 yards and i used special skill with 50% damage and only one shot impacted, WITH 72 CANNONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!, i used carpenter, gunner and sailer expert and repair sails patch like 4, rum skill and repair skill, so they made me about 14000 damage over my integrity sails, 2 bermuda and 1 hermes. After leave me without sails they couldn`t break my estructure in my back or front.....

                    BECAUSE I HAVE 8 CANNONS WITH 18 POUNDS AND 10 POUNDS IN MY BACK and FRONT, so after see they couldn`t destroy me with fire, i didn`t check my troops, who one reduced my to 100 troops and boardme, definetly killing me there.


                    3║ After sail from havana port i went to sisal quickly because was in pvp area, i dont want wait to attack me one player when you are a freetrader if you arent in group, so where is the adhoc invisibility !!!!!!.

                    4║ If the best freetrader ship comparated with a second line ship, i dont feeling a little secure and safe in the open sea versus 3 small ships. WHAT GAME IS IT????

                    5║ I can get a protection with a group, but you can`t get one mate close from me, 24 hours when you production city it`s on pvp area, ALSO I LIKE THE PVP AREA AND COMBAT I DID MUCH NORMALLY, BUT IN GROUP.

                    So maybeit`s a bug combat where i think the first COURONNE GALLEON in ROBERTS Servers it isn`t working well about accuracy or something wrong, but if i have to wait 2 month to get this ship and lost one durability point so fast with SMALL SHIPS level 16.

                    I DID A MISTAKE WITH THIS GAME.

                    Post date: I love this game, tired of stupid elfs, humans and sword, I think FLS did a GOOD WORK with this game creation, but big error to choice SOE like publicity market company, the game in spain or europe wasn`t at shops until 7 days of 22 january big day. Also anybody knows or see something from the game, but everyday will get more people because SIMPLY LIKE IT!!!!!.

                    But after this combat i feel decieved and powerless. Thank you for answer in this post.


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                      Actually it looks like his screenshot was taken after he was sunk, as he has 3 durability and not 4. Looking at the sailing stats of that thing, I would definitely not go into the red solo. It's a very powerful ship, in the right circumstance. Solo against three highly mobile opponents is not that circumstance.


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                        Originally posted by juandelacosa View Post
                        but big error to choice SOE like publicity market company, the game in spain or europe wasn`t at shops until 7 days of 22 january big day.
                        How you managed to work in the obligatory "it's all SOE's fault" there, I simply cannot fathom, but major kudos! No true rant is complete without it.


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                          Congratulations. You just learned why small fast ships are dangerous, especially when you are running around in a ship that handles like a SoL.

                          I would go into detail about a few things, like not touching the controls when you leave port, "no crying in the red zone", how huge lumbering cannon platforms (like your ship) really kinda suck solo, etc, etc. But, the bottom line here IMO is if one instance of getting owned is going to set you off like this and ruin an entire game for you... maybe it's not the game for you.


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                            For further details...


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                              Which part didn't you idiots understand?

                              The one where he said he was constantly missing all of his shots at 150 range?