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    This may disappoint a few people but the Tigre will not be a completely new model, I just don't have the time for that. What I am planning on doing is refitting the Capricieux model with new quarter galleries, a new figurehead and a stern mural like the Oli has. There may also be some consmetic changes to improve the looks or to try to make her stand out from the basic Capri model.

    If you have an opinion one way or the other on this being a good idea or not, I am always interested.


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      heh, Dauntless is the 9th ship using the Defiant model. Awesome.


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        So does anybody have any comments on facelifts for models or is this too ho hum to be of interest.

        I would hate to spend the time changing the look of this to find no one cares about the issue.


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          Originally posted by kungtotte View Post
          The Capricieux model is the only one that's used by more ships, as far as I know.

          Tigre varieties: 4
          Capri varieties including Intrepid: 5
          Herc varieties: 5

          Good to hear that someone is working on a Tigre as well as the Herc, should cut down significantly on the "Oh God there it is again"-factor.
          Can't add much more to that. Though I'm not sailing any of those ships myself (yet). But I also would love all ships to match the gun counts and positions from the statistics. Though MC variants are nice to have, it's a shame they have the exact same model.

          It isn't a huge issue, but it would just be really nice if each ship had it's own model.


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            I don't think that is going to happen with the MC, Heavy, Sleeks since the changes are small (only the MC's get more guns).

            One thing I think would be better is for the MC to keep the same number of guns and get a boost of 1-3 pounds per guns (so say the Capri has 22-12pdr and 12-6pdr then the MC would have 22-14pdr and 12-8pdr). That way the model and the stats still match. Since most MC's get reload bonus' the reload should still be better than the base ship.


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              I think the work on tigre is certaily worthwhile obviosly a new model is preferable but the changes should differenciate it enough from the other ships that use the same model

              Out of curiosity how much time does modifying take in comparison with a brand new ship model

              In the case of the variants I think the easiest option for most ships is to keep the number of cannons in line with the model and adjust the stats accordingly to up the damage output. Although this does depend on how the cannon stats work I have a feeling there are limitations as this seems like a solution that should been tried before

              But in the case of some ships I feel a modification of the exsisting model would be nice eg: the privateer mignone which has significantly more guns than the original.

              The idea of a ship like this sounded great a merchant ship refitted to be bristling with guns.but as far as I can tell (I've only faught with a few) it uses the same model as the original.


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                Well on my current ship I think I posted the first screen shots back in April, so 6 months, and I am no where near done. It's a long slow part time process. I think I can do the tigre in 6 weeks or less depending on how much I change it.