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For security reasons logins using your Username is disabled.
-If you created your forum account prior to October 2013 and did not login to that account on the Vanilla hosted forum between June 2015 - July 2018 then all password reset attempts will fail. You can login with "BurningSea.com"(game-account) or you can create a new account to fully access the forum.

I cannot log into the forums since the transition, why?

Since the transition from the Forums, you now need to reset your password to do so, you may also need to log on with your email/forum name to log into the forums also.

For example;

My forum name is Jack O'Conner so I had to type that in and then my password (After I reset it of course)
Sometimes your forum name doesn't work, so you will have to do your email, account names do not work (yet?) Will have to get a confirmation on whether it will be a thing again or if this is a permanent fixture to logging into the Forums.
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