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Server Maintenance 2018/5/22

FodderboyFodderboy (Forum Administrator)
We are going to combine the postponed previous maintenance with this week's maintenance on May 22, 2018. We will also attempt a maintenance change that will not require all the servers to taken offline at the same time for evaluation.

Beginning at 10:30pm Pacific Time (1:30am Eastern/6:30am GMT/9:30am MSK on May 23, 2018) we will take the Roberts server offline for maintenance. When the maintenance on the Roberts server is complete (estimated to be approximately 15 minutes) we will open the Roberts server and then take the Antigua server offline for maintenance. We hope to have all maintenance completed within 30 minutes. This post will be updated when maintenance on both live servers is complete.

Please note, due the usage nature of the Test server we will no longer schedule Test server maintenance with the live server maintenance. Test server maintenance will be done as needed and at a time during the day when the server is not in use. If the Test server appears offline it is likely for maintenance unless the down time exceeds 30 minutes.


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