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Chronic Sea based Lag

Hi guys,

New player here, downloaded on Saturday and get very little chance to play. I really want to enjoy the game and for the most part I am however, at certain points the game just decides to lag ridiculously, whilst at sea. Mainly whilst I'm in a battle - the current issue is arising in the mission where the bilge rats are attacking Jenny Bay for the map.

I'll line up to send a volley at a ship and either the game will tell me the target is blocked by land or it will lag and then I'll be facing a completely opposite direction - to say it's frustrating is an understatement and I feel sorry for my space bar as it is getting hammered as I try to send a "fire all" command.

Any help?


  • tbh lag (in a mission) sounds more like its your pc with the issue.
    The Reapers
  • I'm running it on the same laptop I run PUBG and much more memory intensive games on, that's what I don't understand. I thought I'd managed to sort the issue by tweaking some sea-based GFX settings and by launching through the .exe file.
    Unfortunately, after it running fine for 20 minutes, I went to grab some food, when I returned and left Jenny Bay the same issues started up again.
  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    edited March 19
    Have a look-see here:

    Can't harm to test it out.

    I am referring to soc offline members under lag and screen resolution under crash.

    I myself have experienced weird location shifting which stopped when resolution was changed.

    Also try changing between fullscreen and windowed(Alt+Enter) - have had somewhat what you describe happen(after getting a new GPU issue was gone regardless whether I used full or windowed).
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