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L2P: Life in the Red

edited March 1 in Game Help
In any game I've ever played the key to winning in PvP is to use DPS to outburst your opponent while also minimizing his ability to defend himself. At the same time limit your opponents ability to do the same thing to you.

So far my PVP has all been getting getting jumped while attempting to sail into a red port. From that it appears to me that my opponents take me down by limiting my ability to maneuver and then stern camp me, blasting through my armor and sinking my ship. It all happens so fast that it's hard to say what exactly they do. It seems to involve demasting shot plus some Cuthroat abilities.

So far, I've fought back by: always having Bronze Round Shot, Bar Shot, Gunpowder, Admirals Overhaul and an expert carpenter or board.

Next, as an NO, I'm guessing my only chance rests in forcing my opponent to engage yard arm to yard arm and that means I need to use abilities and bar shot to keep him from out turning me. Then, If I can do that switch to bronze shot and out DPS with broadsides. Does that sound right.

In terms of what build to use, I should examine my skill tree and choose a build that allows me to do that. Does that sound about right?

In a perfect world I'd love to come in here, read about which way the "Nerf Bat" is swinging, and determine which build best does that, but POTBS doesn't appear to be that type of game. Rather, my job is to come up with my own battle plan, try to execute it and try to relax enough to actually follow the "Best Down" I get enough that I figure out how to adapt it. To do that I need to learn the symbols for buffs, debuts and attacks, closely watch the fight and objectively look at my performance. Does that sound about right.

All of this strikes me as a big, but not impossible learning curve. I've come up with a multi part plan to navigate this curve. First I hope to get better battle vision. To do that I plan to flag up for PvP and cruise ports in my Bermuda Sloop MC with my FT.

I plan on using the FT-41304551 build, thank you, Baldomero, and plan to use my skills that help me avoid my opponent and stay out of range while also acquiring Unrest Points for my faction. Along the way I hope to continue following the fight as best I can, analyzing the results and refining my plan. Also I hope to look for ways to get more "skin in the game". Ultimately, I'd like to play my NO and attempt to put "Foot to Ass", I just think I need to have enough skill to at least put up a fight before I jump in the deep end.

How does all of this sound. Any advice? On behalf of those of us who are still L2Ping thank you.


  • It sounds like you have pretty much figured it out yourself, there are also many players willing to help you out with advice, practice skirms and the like. Not me, because i am poor at pvp and there is no skill in sinking me, and you are an NO, ergo the enemy!!!! Avast!
    Ask in nation at peak times for the best results (but avoid port battle times as people are usually quite busy ;p )
    The Reapers
  • Your plan looks good to me, my 2 cents on the matter. What level are you? you will not really learn much on a bermuda, unless you use it just to see how others fight. The advantage of a level 50 are huge , not just in terms of skills, but available consumables and ships, so focus on getting to 50, for a pvper the game starts there.
    The old "know yourself, know your enemy" works just fine here as well. You have to study the stats of your ship, your skill set and all the different consumables clickies and fittings available. Not one set is good for every situation, and you must tailor your abilities to your fight style, and to what are you likely to fight,timing is everything here. A top player will also make toons on every career available in game, even if it is just to learn their specific skills and how they work in combat, so he can identify them fast and be ready to counter them before they are applied against him.
    Dps is very important, but what really matters is not how much damage you dish per second, but how much damage the enemy receives, so you must learn to deduce how much damage resistance and damage reduction you enemy has, and how accuracy, distance, angular speed affect the damage. Knowing early in battle how your enemy is fitted decide many fights.
    Fit to reinforce your strengths, not to disguise your weakness; then try to carry the fight to your turf. Finally there is not magic recipe that will win you all the fights; use the best consumables ships and fittings you can afford, among good players the difference between victory and defeat is razor thin,and fights are decided more often than not on just a couple of seconds for whoever loads the last volley faster, and victor sails away on a dying ship, so no advantage is little. You will go under a lot, and that is good if you learn from it. Practice with your friends in skirmish, and ask advise from your enemies...like everywhere, some pvpers are xxxholes, but others are nice people who will gladly give you some pointers even after they have just sank you.
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