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Joining the Fray

edited February 20 in Game Help
How can I best help with the war effort.

I’ve dinged 50 with my NO and want to help the war effort. What can I do?

Right now the rats are attacking Bartica. To help I’ve been doing daily Patroling Bartica missions. What else can I do?

The rats are sinking British Fleets off Bartica and Flagging for PvP to drive up unrest, right? If I sink Rat Fleets off Bartica will that drive the unrest down?

At the moment I’m still learning how to play my character. Flagging for PvP, and camping the port is probably beyond what I can do, but I still want to get involved. In the not too distant future I would love to be in a port battle.

I’ve built up my Econ, have a Large Master Shipyard, Forge, Powder Mill, Recruiter, Textile Mill and a Lumber Yard. I’m able to outfit all my ships, even though my ship is just a Ra Frigate. How does this sound as a next step?

Build a Capricieux Master Class (Cap MC), outfit it with 2 Runners Rigs, 2 Wadding, 2 Double Planked Hulls, 1 Explosive Powder, 1 Overloaded Cannon, 1?? Something to Buff Accuracy (Dolph Recommends a Precision Optical Range Finder. I don’t know what they are). Then should I start asking to join Fleeting Ops off Bart?

Thanks, Stick it to the rats!


  • I'm on the Antigua Server.
  • Probably start fleeting and flipping. Use chest keys to get a lot of money quickly, and use them to get bronze ships, use the excess money you gain from fleeting and selling chest keys to outfit said ships, and buy the required consumables for the fights, then you can join into whichever pvp scene you desire.
  • Thanks, Owl!

    Question, I'm still not clear on it. If the rats are attacking the British port of Bartica how do I get to the port battle? Do I sink rat fleets sailing off Bartica? Do I flag for PvP and camp the port?

    In this case I'm not trying to flip, right? I want it to stay British.
  • http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/Realm_Vs_Realm

    This page might shed light on your questions.
    Fortitudo, Fidem, Animositas
  • If you have done the missions of said attacked port OR sunk NPC’s of the attacking faction, you are eligible to join the Port Battle(PB).
    This means if you are online 12 minutes prior to the time the port battle is starting, you might receive an invite depending on your luck of the draw your points give you if there are more than 24 British players wanting to join. If less than 24 then you will receive one for sure.

    To see when the Port battle happens, press “R” and check the “Port Status” tab

    You will be teleported there upon accepting invites from anywhere, on the ship you are on.
    Therefore make sure that, if you intend to attend said port battle, you are on the ship you wish to be for the port battle and it is outfitted correctly etc. (preferably a ship you can afford to lose) Take plenty of consumables and ammo with you if you can get your hands on them, it might be a large and long fight, some of them can last up to 2 hours.

    Consumables: Admirals overhaul First Rate(repairs armor, hull, sails, guns etc., it is the main consumable used in PVP, if you don’t have any of those, Tyrants Overhaul First Rate does almost exactly the same thing and can be used instead, you get those from fleeting)
    Expert Carpenter-> this has its own, very long, cooldown, meaning you can use it even if your admiral is on cooldown.
    Bronze ammo.
  • PS: Check the link Equester put in, generally the wiki has good information ;-)
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