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Lost a formidable due to game crash

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Hello. Yesterday I was playing potbs as usual and was about to engage in an open sea battle with one enemy npc ship. As soon as fired the guns on my Formidable the game crashed. When I got it started again I had lost a point of durability. I wish to be reimbursed for this.
Jim Butler
Antigua server
[Moderators note: Removed for privacy reasons]@gmail.com
If you contact me by email I can send the crash/log report.
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    Question: I experienced a game crash and lost a item - what can I do?
    Answer: Portalus will reimburse for reported major in-game losses (e.g. ship dura, outfittings, premium items) due to server connection issues only between the server's ISP and the servers themselves.

    Disconnections originating from issues in internet infrastructure, client ISP or client internet connection or home network are not reimbursed.

    In game losses that occur due to a game crash are generally not reimbursed however we are willing to investigate reported crashes to help where we can with troubleshooting the cause of the crash.
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