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Du Maurier's Battered Pocketwatch

I got this clickie in Bridgetown in the mission chain in the Magistrate's office. The mission is playable by pirates, so presumably its playable by all nations. I've left it on cycle repeat for hours and seen no effect, I've used it around Bridgetown, and while clicking specific NPC's all to no avail. I've tried using it on enemies, and I've seen no effect. Can anyone tell me what this clickie does?


  • No idea, does it not tell you when you hover over it? i dont have that item, but i'll run the chain next time i go there, and if i figure it out i'll update the wiki. if anyone else knows please update the wiki yourself here - http://potbs.wikia.com/wiki/Flora_and_Fauna
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  • As I remember, it has been a very long time ago, there is a mission involving croc's that a pocket watch is used. Can't remember which pocket watch it was. I believe I was still on Blackbeard when I did that mission, so my memory is very foggy.
  • i got that item the other day, i have tried everything to get it to do something. all i can see is that it must be used on land, so avcom assumed. But it doesnt change any factors that i could tell. i have used it on npc's in skirms, and whilst fishing. it just doesnt seem to do anything, even though it is clickable.

    I'd assume its an old item that no longer has relevance in the game.
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  • Wow, this game is still alive?! I played the hell out of it years ago. **IF** I recall correctly, the pocket watch summons a croc if you are in AvCom. Wind the watch, and it will start ticking. A few seconds later, the croc appears. At least that's what I recall from, what... 6 years ago? Might be totally wrong. Been a long time!
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  • Sounds to me like there's a specific mission instance in which it is supposed to be used, if that is true. That's something I was suspecting, either it functions like the signet ring to open some dialog or mission from an NPC, or it has some significance in a mission.
  • Test it in AvCom and see. IIRC, it works like a NPC for your side once the croc shows up, but not in the mission you get it from. It is a reward if you finish the mission that you can use later. Again IIRC.
    Formerly known as Felicia Starling or Sharkey DaPokerDude and 8 rat econ-alts. Loyal Rat who showed up more to PBs than PvP. Ship builder extraordinaire and frequent carefree carebear.
  • Easy NameEasy Name (Forum Moderator)
    it is used only for a specific mission. i do not remember which mission chain or even where it is located but you use the ticking of the watch to calm a croc.
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  • can't kill the croc without it from memory. but like the others can't remember which mission.
  • Lol a reference to Neverland ;-)
  • I dont remember the name of the mission, or where to get it from but it is not about killing the croc. Your enemy will be Du Maurier again.You defeated him in the past, so now he has trained hard and is the toughest avcom npc you will ever find in the game, and he has lured you in to this desolate beach just to have his revenge. Much tougher than the guardian from grand turk, or any enemy from the pit, Santos included. He has improved his dodge skills so much you just cant hit him, and he will defeat you no matter what skill set you use...unless you use the watch; its tic toc will summon the snaggled tooth crocodile, and it will triumph where you failed.
    Yep, an easter egg with captain Hook in mind.
  • Do you get to keep the watch afterwards?
  • Yes, you get to keep the watch. Sisu, sadly, i just dont know if you are serious with what you said, or if your humor was tick tocking away!
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  • haha, I am totally serious Mo, serious as a heart attack. I would never give misleading info to a fellow player, I swear for my tattoo. Such mission exists, and it is unbeatable without the watch; Du Maurier dances around you like a butterfly and stings like a bee and will get you everytime, unless you call for the mighty Snaggled Tooth to take a bite. If I find the mission on a toon I will let you guys know.
  • "unbeatable without the watch"

    I'll take that as a challenge, should I ever find the mission. >:D
  • actually, that does sound correct.
  • edited March 5
    ok you unbelievers, here is the long and short of it:
    You got the pocket watch from Du Maurier after you had left him for dead at the crocodile infested beach, were you had dueled for the freedom of Flora, the daughter of the guy at Bridgetown magistrate office. You though Du Maurie had kidnapped her, but actually they were in love. After you defeated him a crocodile had jumped him and apparently killed him.
    Time later, during one of your educating visits to the Academie at Pitre, you get a mission (le botanist perdu) to rescue a scientist, stranded in a beach packed with crocs. Next mission in chain(a second hook) takes you to a meeting with "el Gancho" (Hook in spanish), leader of Los Hijos , who is most upset with you because you have somehow caused a pirate called "Hook" to be roaming those waters, so you are supposed to find him and kill him, since there can only be one Hook around.
    You find the fellow in a cave among scores of huge crocs corpses, and take a wild guess about his identity...that is right, Du Maurier!, one arm less and one hook more! He had been playind dead while the croc ate his arm and some other body parts, causing him to lose Flora and most of his crew, and planting an ever growing seed of revenge vs you and the snaggletooth croc who he sees as the reasons for his misfortune.
    New duel follows at the beach in "Hook or me this time" where poor Du Maurier will kick your butt, unless you are the kind of player who takes his time to read the mission`s dialogues and remember you once got his watch.
    I tried many different styles to kill this guy, and unleashed several boogies on him while trying to hit him from behind...to no avail, the fellow is just too good at dodging. The good news is that it is not a solo mission, so maybe a group of brave captains may find better fortune.
    Btw, there is an old clickable crate at the beach, no idea what it does or what it is for; if anybody finds out please let us know.

    All this valuable information is , of course, not free. If you have read this far you owe me a 1% of all your games worth. So Mo, you owe me 50 millions...I will collect your 3 doublons next time we meet NightOwlKOJ

    Cheers mates
  • Lol, Thanks for the epic post Sisu. I guess the question has been answered
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  • Yes, thank you for the write-up Sisu. I thought that I remembered that it was one of the french ports in the lower antilles but couldn't remember for the life of me which one. I was thinking Roseau or Viex Fort. I have a number of toons that have the watch but not done the follow -up mission. I guess I will have to follow-up now and revisit Pitre.
  • Just did the mission. It was certainly difficult to hit him, he has the same effect as Frutos from Fisto Inferno, the only way to hit him is with an indirect bleed effect, such as 'Hip shot' or Pitorro Explosivo. That said, when you reduce him to ONE health, he is invincible, so the only way to win is to use the clickie. I tried clicking on the crate, and I couldn't do anything with it, so I'm not sure what its function was. I'm actually not going to hand in this mission, because its quickly become one of my favorite boss fights, up there with the one where you fight the fourth rate in Oranjestad, and Shovel Ready.
  • I just did the mission again based on the information provided by Sisulin. I'd just like to add a couple of points to his excellent write up. You get the mission from Jolie Fayard, who is drinking tea by Theo Alexandre, from the missions regarding Sonia's Dissertation. It is a level 50 mission chain. And No, I couldn't open the crate either.
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