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Fast and Safe Hauling

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I'm trying to put together two ships for my Freetrader. I'd like one for fast runs on the open sea and another for safer runs into the red. Thus far I think I found a good Red Runner Ship. How does it look? Is there good craftable outfitting that I can put on it to make it fast in the open sea? Is there a better alternative for a ship that stays out of the red.

Ship: Dromedary Indiaman

Large Accuracy Gun Rig 4 (Gun)
Large Race Built Hull (Hull)
Large Rig Chatharpins (Sail)
Hermes Sail Modification 4 (Gen)
Studding Sails Superior x2

How does it look? What can I improve?


  • A wise man named Remus, told me that the Runner Rigs offer an all round better speed profile boost than what you will gain from the Catharpin mods.

    2 Runner Rigs
    2 Speed Gun Rigs or those gun mods (french gun carriages or something...) that offer a bonus to the sail accuracy or something... never used them in battle, but if in a runner ship... and possibly getting caught up to... the only thing you should be shooting is demasting shot... implication being that a mod that helps hit masts might be best. (not battle tested.. just theory)

    Victors Riggin 2 (OS speed %, Battle Speed %, and acceleration boost)
    Double Threaded Sails 5 (10.75% Running Speed) This is (as I have always interpreted it...) a 180 angle stat that isn't stacked (or penalized) with the other speed stats.

    The third general mod... if you can find a stealth mod or a nice mast buffing mod of some sort... or maybe you have specced for battle speed, but now just want some nice OS speed... use one of these (and there a bunch of different ones) accurate charts (12.5%), Figurehead: Salacious (8%). There are higher OS speed mods... but rare.

    Most of your success comes from not being afk... if you can see them coming at you before they tag. You have a big advantage. Turn to best angle, or tag a nearby npc that isn't of the same faction as your attacker....

    Freetraders have awesome skills and ships to use as redzone running smugglers.
    Kiefer Cain
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    You're a wealth of information, KB.

    The Victor's Rigging looks awesome! They cost five Citations of Conquest each , right? I get three if Britain has a map victory and one if they have a map loss, right?

    High end gear is never easy to get in any game, but the gear here is hard to get and Sooo easy loose. It makes me wonder how anyone has it.
  • What I'm about to advise assumes you are level 50. If you are not reply with your level and I will adjust. Also what I advise I am willing to demonstrate and / or prove if need be. I will put my money were my mouth is so to speak.

    I will start with the Open Sea (OS) Hauler.

    The best OS hauler in the game at this time is the Batavia Flute. The best fitting for this hauler is as follows:
    1 Lightweight rig
    1 Rig Catharpin
    Light Weight Guns x2
    Deep cargo holds (4088 max cargo)

    Double threaded Studding Sails
    Prince Henry's Compass
    Delies Highly accurate charts

    That is the gold standard of OS hauler. Yur OS speed will be no less then 55kts close haul up to 120 kts down wind with a current. The above build gives a speed boost at any point of the compass except lufting (dead into the wind).

    Prince Henry's Compass is a mission reward from Port De Paix. You will need 500 rep with the Templar faction to start it. The mission is called Cartography is not for sissies. See the gentleman on the gallows.

    Mr. Bain touched on the other items for OS speed to substitute for the chart.

    Now lets look at Red Zone runners:

    There are three schools of thought on solving this dilemma. One is stealth, the other high battle speed, Mr. Bain touched on the de-mast and run option(I will skip this one). The next consideration is how much cargo do I need to haul. I will give you my top three favorite options.

    Bermuda Mastercraft Sloop
    This ship is used for high value light weight cargo. Think ship deeds.
    Runners rigs x2 (Improved Runners even better)
    Lightweight guns x2
    Smooth Planked Hull x2
    Disco rigging 3 / Victors rigging 2
    Double Threaded Studding Sails
    OS speed mod of your choice

    This ship even if hit can out run anything.

    Upwind Speed Boats:
    La Diligent Tartane
    Lyon Hoy
    Mystic Polarace (larger cargo capacity)

    Rig Catharpin
    Runners rig (Improved Runners rig)
    Lightweight guns x2
    deep cargo holds or smooth planked hulls x2

    Fine Cotton Sails or Loosened Shrouds.
    Figurehead Pig
    OS speed mod of choice

    Down Wind Speed Boats:
    Curies Snow
    Fox Ketch

    Runners x2 (Improved Runners)
    Lightweight guns x2
    Smooth Planked x2 or advanced stream line hull x2 or deep cargo holds

    Double Threaded Studding Sails
    Disco 3 Rigging / Victors Rigging 2
    Polished Rudder 5

    Stealth Boats:
    La Diligent Tartane
    Lyon Hoy
    Cruises Snow
    Fox Ketch

    Stealth sails advanced
    Lightweight Rig
    Lightweight guns x2
    smooth plank hull x2 or advanced streamlined x2 (or 1 deep cargo hold with the speed mod)

    Sinister Smugglers Sails (Celebrated Smugglers Union Trade in)
    Prowlers Sail Covers (Baptism by fire mission reward)
    Egyptian Cotton Sails

    These ships are fast in battle, but also only seen on the OS when very close to them.

    Not to long ago I would of never shared this information. I share it now to encourage those doing econ to have the best ships to haul with.

    I have not lost a red zone runner in the last 4 years. These builds work.

    Also note that you need to build a career spec for hauling only not a hybrid fighting one. Try this spec with over fail sails and advanced sailing: 41304551 gumworm.com


    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
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    Wow! That's more than I could have asked, Baldomero. I think it's time to start building and collect my own data!! Thanks!

    You answered a question I didn't ask, what's the best build for a hauler. Studying the skills, I came up with FT-32304553. Looking at your skills the thing that surprises me most is that you don't have Cut Shroud and that you don't have any of the travel skills. Much to think about! Thanks again.
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  • My Build has Deter Pursuit. The travel line is more meant for a fighting FT. The gains from Travel I get in advanced sailing. I also have Insignia of Swiftness on my boats. I like the fact your thinking. Do your build then test it by flagging up and let rats tag you. If you are able to run away every time its proved. If not adjust. Don't test your builds with the improved runners and deep cargo holds. Add those mods to proven set ups.

    What I listed here are all proven.

    Bottom line do econ, and haul.

    No econ, no game.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
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    I'm enjoying digesting this post, Baldomero, thanks.

    Like most games it seems to be geared towards knowing how and when to use the right skills and gear to overcome a set challenge, a good puzzle.

    I couldn't find any information on a few of outfitting and two of the skills. Can you elaborate?

    I couldn't find these three outfittings. Are they craftable? Drops?
    Delies Highly Accurate Charts
    Double Threaded Studding Sails
    Deep Cargo Holds

    Also you mention Over Fail Sails and Advanced Sailing. Is Advanced Sailing the same as Crew Focus: Sailing? Is Over Full Sailing just spreading all my canvas or am I missing something.

    Also, I love the idea of letting a rat tag me and trying to escape to build my skill and as another aspect of the puzzle. Am I "tagged" when the combat instance spawns and combat starts?

    Thanks again for the tome.

  • Delies Highly Accurate Charts is rare fleet drop, I have 1 for sale (2 bsn)
    Join Date : June 2008
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    Delies Highly Accurate Charts is rare fleet drop, I have 1 for sale (2 bsn)

    Thanks, Muratvuarl. Question, how much is a "bsn". I googled it and am guessing it's not--

    Big sweaty nut sack
    Britney Spears Now Fan Club
    Bat Shit Nuts

    Normally I'd say Urban Dictionary FTW, but not this time.

    It's taken a while. I now have 55 Million Doubloons. I think it's enough to set up my economy and a good chunk of what I need to buy at Batavia Flute. Still, I'm willing to apply myself to and build up still more cash...It's just more clicking and researching ways to generate doubloons.

  • Another question for you all. Baldomero said "No Econ, no game".

    My only intent was to set up structures for my own use. Should I do more to support the economy? Do you have any thoughts on what things are needed and where they should be sold? Would it make sense to craft Gold and Silver Ingots and sell them at Turtling Bay? Should I sell them at Ruddy Cove and the Spanish trade center too?

  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
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    1 Burning Sea Note = 300 Burning Sea Points - you can get them here : https://account.portalusgames.com/store

    They are on sale atm - http://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/103612/burning-sea-note-sale-extended
    Support your game. Head over to the BSN-store:
    Pirates of the Burning Sea Store
  • > @muratvural said:
    > Delies Highly Accurate Charts is rare fleet drop, I have 1 for sale (2 bsn)

    Awesome! I'll pay two bsn. I'll contact you with Fox Marsden in game. What name do you go by? Where should we meet? Right now I'm in Turtling Bay.

    Thanks for the tip KasparK
  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Support your game. Head over to the BSN-store:
    Pirates of the Burning Sea Store
  • My in game name is Naughty Turk, its at my MT warehouse.
    Join Date : June 2008
  • Ramelli,

    Sorry I used game slang.

    Double Threaded Studding Sails is a fleet drop.
    Deep Cargo Holds are a Piece of Eight trade in item from the European Trader. They increase the cargo capacity on your ship. There are two verities. Deep Cargo holds is one, the other is Enlarged Cargo holds. Each gives a penalty for the larger cargo hold. One reduces structure, the other is turning.

    Advanced Crew Focus Sailing
    Over Load Sails.

    Tagged means attacked by another player.

    As to the last question posed:

    This game will cease to function if players stop making things. The manufacture of gold and silver ingots is highly desired. These items are needed for the crafting of the most popular ship outfitting. In game we call them green mods. Green Mods come from recipes contained in the The Cryptonauticon books. These books are a OS NPC drop.

    The best ports to list thing depends on the item. Level 50 Mods: Matthew Town, Port Royal. Sub level 50 in the ports frequented by players the level of the mods which depends on the nation.

    I list stuff on the AH across the map.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • KasparKKasparK (Forum Administrator)
    Better line out the server aswell.
    Support your game. Head over to the BSN-store:
    Pirates of the Burning Sea Store
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    My in game name is Naughty Turk, its at my MT warehouse.

    I'm in Matthew Town standing in the building by the Harbor Master. There is no way for us to speak in game, is there?

    I may be AFK. If you give me a time to meet you there perhaps we can make the exchange then.
  • Pleasure doing business with you, Muratvural.
  • Same here, I'm glad to be helpful.
    Join Date : June 2008
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    Baldomero, the work continues. I just bought my Batavia Flute and am sailing it down to TB for outfitting. Right now I only have Professor Cray's Astrolabe and Salacious, but Rome was not built in a day.

    Question, I checked the European Trader at PR for Deep Cargo Holds and didn't see it. Is that the right place.

    Thanks for the tips. It's a fun project.
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  • The European trader has them in the seasonal section. Choose see all if you do not see because you do not have enough Po8.
    Fortitudo, Fidem, Animositas
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