Short Range Damage... Unique statistic or not?

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What is the truth behind this stat. There are a bunch of mods that offer this, but many questions exist.

Does it stack with the normal damage stat? Is it afflicted by the stacking penalty?

What is considered short range? <350 yards?

Does this stat actually produce the stated benefits?

I have asked these questions to various 'experts' throughout the years and most of them don't answer the question with any certainty. Perhaps, this posting will shed some light on this stat and those mods.
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  • Only Fodderboy can answer this question. The rest of us are just guessing.

    You should pose this question to him in the community staff / mod only section.

    Please report your findings here.
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    What is considered short range?

    According to text and graph - mid-range is ~280 yards.

    It raises the question whether close-range = short-range.
    (I'd speculate close range is up to 200 yards - at which mid-range starts).

    However from the text I'd gather short-range is up to 50 yards. (

    Ofc that is "I'd guess/gather/think/speculate" not "I know".
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    A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away, just kidding) I had the same question. According to my knowledge Short Range Damage used to be equal to normal damage at 1/6 or 1/5 of your maximum range.

    Let’s assume the safe way: 1/6 of [your maximum range], in default 750 = 125 yards. I also know that Short Range Damage used to be better than normal damage within the close-range, so between 0-125 yards.

    Option 1:
    How much better I don’t know, but to my believe the graph is linear. Short Range Damage has 0% effect at maximum range (I can say this with a good amount of certainty); so probably 100% at 125 yards and maybe up to 120% at 0 yards?


    Option 2:
    To my memory, Short Range Damage doesn’t count as stacking penalties if you have an item inside for Damage (so it's unique, but stacks with other Short Range Damage fittings). The Short Range Damage had the added bonus that it also increased the damage you added. For example: you have a Prototype Cannon, Cantonese Powder and some skills/gunpowder’s where your damage would increase by 50%, if you have 10% Short Range Damage; this bonus would increase to 50% + 10%* 50 = 55% and add the other 10% to that; making it 65%. Following the same graph at option 1.

    It doesn’t really matter which answer is true (if the correct one is standing here at all). I guess that Short Range Damage efficiently (compared to just damage) is at close-range (within 200 yards). Renders it only useful for charging tactics or maybe it could be an alternative instead of a 3rd Damage Item (where you avoid stacking penalties -50% in that case).

    I think Long Range Damage (from Neptune's Fury) and Long Range Accuracy (from a consumable called Gunnery Tables) work with the same formular, but than the opposite direction. However; with testing Gunnery Tables I concluded that it isn't better than a accuracy gunpowder, because the basic accuracy is so low at +600 yards.
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