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Jack O'Conner sets sail for his last giveaway

Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
edited February 15 in Events
I have played for many years and I have enjoyed the game, I have met so many players and many of those players have become great friends. And I feel that I do not belong in the seas here anymore for more reasons than I can list here. But you get the picture. So I have made up my mind that I will be leaving after the giveaway which is commencing Saturday 17th February. By tomorrow I will have updated this list to the final copy and I will start sending players their lottery tickets (Same style as my last giveaway) I will then ask Portalus Games to select numbers that have been given out to players to then determine the winners!

Please note that Burning Sea Notes nor Doubloons have not been listed because I feel it wouldn't be fair for resale reasons as for doubloons, who needs doubloons am I right?

Available for Roberts and Antigua as well so every nation and every server *EXCLUDING TEST SERVER* gets to participate. The items are available on Antigua and I will talk with Red Jaq so she can transfer these items over. I will be around this time to make sure all prizes won gets delivered! :)

This is the Last giveaway of Captain Jack O'Conner. I, Jack O'Conner, being of mostly sound mind and body do hereby distribute the rest of my owned assets as follows;

500 Marks of Trade
653 Marks of Victory
15 Marks of War
500 Admiral's First Rates
100 Gunpowder First Rate (Fine-Grained)
100 Gunpowder First Rate (Pre-Measured)
90 Expert Carpenter
90 Expert Sailmaster
50 Launches
72 Ingot Gold
13 Alexander Fourth Rate deeds
1 Couronne Galleon
3 Hercules' Sleek Frigate
1 Lion Third Rate
5 Poseidon Fourth Rate
2 San Fernando
60 Colossal Double Planked Armor
49 Colossal Heavy Flanked Armor
57 Colossal Einar One-Eye's Devastating Guns
45 Colossal Wadding
40 Colossal Runner's Rig
43 Huge Double-Planked Armor
60 Huge Heavy Flanked Armor
81 Huge Einar One Eye's Devastating Guns
129 Huge Speed Gun Rig
20 Huge Runners Rigs
3 Lineship Crew
1 Lineship Provision
6 Uncertified Centurion Third Rate
1 Batavia Flute
1 Society Warehouse ( this is for red jaq to transfer the deed)
5 Salvaging Supplies
2 Hector Frigate
2 Guido Binnacle
10 Heisenberg Steering Mechanisms

PS the items listed will be spread out into smaller quantities so more players have a chance to earn something :)

Players whom are not allowed to participate; (List may grow)

Big Trouble II + alts

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