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Memorial Sail

Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
edited January 18 in Events
A dearly loved player has passed away, he went with the name "Paul Rescator"
a highly respected player on Antigua, British. As many of you knew him as a friend, some of you may not know him,
but he was a loyal Captain in Pirates of the Burning Sea, he never got to see the start of 2018, so I ask all players to pay respects and have a sail together for his rememberance on the Open Sea the request is to sail your sails
in the colour black and in no specific ship. I would like to encourage as many players as possible to attend and show respects to a respected player.

This will be happening on the Antigua Server a sail from Santa Clara to STJ

Santa Clara to STJ
Saturday 20th, January 8PM GMT/3PM EST/12PM PST

Route: Santa Clara, then pass Port Royal then the final heading will be St Johns.

Anyone is welcome to come along, this will be known as a memorial for a respected player and making a red zone or any other sort of disruption would just be disrespectful, I encourage players to respect this memorial event.

Any ships are welcome to join the sail, we'll all stick together :)
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