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Can't log in

Hey guys,
Every day by the morning I try to log in my account and it says " The server could not be found and it's probably restarting". Then I wait a couple of hours and it starts working again.
Am I the only one having this problem?


  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    What is your internet download and upload speed?
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  • edited December 2017
    Ive had a simalar issue once where a hop or 2 before the server hosts my packets where being blocked for some reason, try turn off your router for 10 mins then turn it back on to see if you can get a new IP, if it is also not always hapening and you dont have a low speed internet connection you may want to check into if you may have a virus or the like that is hogging all your bandwidth at certain times.
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