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Weird Ui question

Adam KadmonAdam Kadmon (Forum Moderator)
I've had to do this twice so far but essentially, I accidentally pressed something on the laptop keyboard and it said in game ''Ui config } something something and all my toolbars disappeared etc. They came back when I pressed escape, but whenever I pressed the Y key on the keyboard after that it gave some weird error.
So I am trying to figure out if there is a cockup that happened on my end, or what this Ui thing with no toolbars etc is.
I know this is vague but can anyone help me out with some info on this?
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  • You can disable the interface with a key command, just go into your key bindings and remove it if you don't like it. I use it all the time to record cinematic sequences.
  • Adam KadmonAdam Kadmon (Forum Moderator)
    my good friend, I am an arse when it comes to this stuff, pray tell how do I do that?
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    Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis. ( The times are changing, and we change with them.)
  • F11 will remove the UI and hit F11 again will all return, makes it nice when you want to screen shot without the chat box, tool bar ect. Also good in you have long loading screens just hit F11 and then again when your screen has loaded.
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  • Adam KadmonAdam Kadmon (Forum Moderator)
    Ah no I definitely didn't hit f11, I hit the FN key on the laptop near the Ctrl Alt and Spacebar keys. Must have done some additional bs I'm not aware of .

    Thanks anyways.
    Any clarity on this point?
    Society : In Hoc Signo Vinces
    Tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis. ( The times are changing, and we change with them.)
  • 1. Check your key bindings, see if you have allocated anything to the Fn Key.
    2. You often doze at your keyboard, are you sure you didnt fall asleep and headbutt the F11 Key?
    I cant see anything in settings ini to autochange this.
    The Reapers
  • Some laptops have a "FnLock".

    You could have accidentally hit that one, and therefore any button that has, in addition to its normal key, a small printed value on it, will use this small printed value instead of the usual value you would expect from this key.

    To deactivate FnLock you usually have to use Fn and the key that has "FnLock" in small printing on it ;-)

    If that was your problem, then your keys should now again send their "normal" value you would expect them to send and you should be good again.
  • FN is the function key on most laptops, its there to combat the lack of a full keyboard space, by allocation multiple functions to multiple keys. Its possible the game somehow interpreted the key press to be some other key press, it was made in early 2000's after all...
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    hmm, this is not relevant really, but i would like to say thankyou. as i have just found out how to change my keyboard light colours using the Fn key! i wouldnt have without your random help, so thx :)
    The Reapers
  • How to disable blood in the game?
  • To be honest I don't even notice the blood effects in game anymore, but I believe there's something in the .ini that controls the level of the blood effects. I might be thinking of a different game though... PotBS was made around the time when there was an 'obsession' with being able to control the amount of blood and gore in a video game... That said, you'll never be able to turn down some of the stuff in FDL or Somerset, skulls, corpses hung from rigging, etc...
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