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Active Nation Change token problem - yes I've emailed cust. serv.

I bought an Active Nation Change token about 27 hours ago. I emailed customerservice@portulasgames.com as per posts here.

About 6 hours ago I received an email from Cust. Service asking if I were online. I replied 1.5 hours later that I was not and should I log in? I didn't receive a reply so I logged in after waiting awhile to see if it had been applied. I sent an email stating that I was logging in.

None of the other nations were available to switch to, so I logged in my character which had purchased the token. The token was gone from the character's special inventory.

So I logged back out to see if that had applied the Active Nation Change. It had not.

I emailed Cust. Service back to say that the token was missing from inventory and that I could not switch to another nation.

I thought well, perhaps it will be activated after the server maintenance. It has not as of now, 8pm US eastern time zone.

Is there something else I can/need to do? Or is waiting to hear back from Customer Service the only recourse?


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