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(New Player) Playing with Intel HD Graphics 5500 ?

edited November 2017 in Game Help

Using "Can You Run It" at https://systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/pirates-of-the-burning-sea/10685 , I determined that my video card doesn't meet PotBS's minimum.

However, I found a post that said someone with Intel hd 3000 would likely work, and I believe Intel HD Graphics 5500 is higher than that? forums.burningsea.com/discussion/101360/can-i-run-this-game

I have downloaded the legacy PhysX-driver, if that's relevant.

Also, my CYRI result was blank for DVD-Rom; is it possible I don't have one? Though it's not a listed requirement here forums.burningsea.com/discussion/100520/system-requirements, so I assume it may not be necessary.

I've got Windows 7 Professional, but from what I read that isn't an issue.

I'm super excited to play!
Thanks for helping a noob :)


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    hd 3000 will work fine, win 7 is better than win 10 for this game for reasons i wont get into, run the game on lower video settings even if your build can handle higher as there are some crash issues that can be caused at higher settings. Welcome to the game.

    Edit : is also likely cyri just isnt detecting your dvd drive, but either way this game doesnt require it.
  • I'm glad I got such a quick response! Thanks for the help.
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