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When i load into the open sea, i am stuck, pls help

After playing abit and being on land. Then i load into the open sea and most times i cant move.... other npc ship are still ind the water to, some might be moving. For me i can rise my Sails but they come down on there own just as fast so I cant move it seems.... But the game will tell me that i cant log out i am moving..... then i press S and low er my Sails and abit later i can log out.....
The work around is to log out of the game just befor i leave land and log back ind, then go on the open sea and there is np.

When on the open sea i can sail as mus as i like np.

Any help on this? It gets old really fast to have to log ind and out like that all the time.


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    Exact same or very similar thing (based on your description) happens to me.

    The solution for me is, while on land, to never stop moving for more than 20 seconds at a time. If I need to go AFK or engage deeply in chat on land, I strafe round in a circle and click the mouse cursor into the bottom of the chat window, which tricks the game into thinking I never released the movement keys. (this is also very helpful when dualboxing 2 ships).

    If I am on the ocean and logging out is not an option, spamming the TAB key (which goes through all the ships on the ocean near you) seems to (very roughly and imprecisely) update my ship's position.

    Suspect the reason why this works is that there's some kind of server keepalive (send unseen internet packets/messages to all players, if their computer responds they're still connected) process in place for all game clients (logged-in players). Some people may have shoddy internet connections or glitched accounts, and thus this packet, or the 'response' packet from the player's computer, is lost in transmission.

    If this happens for too long or too often, the server thinks that the player has lost connection and thus stops sending ANY information to the player's computer. So everything appears frozen - your game client has no clue as to what's happening in the game world, and can only base events and interactions off the static information in the game files. The reason my 'prevention' method works is because you're forcing a keepalive, IMHO.

    BUT the server, while not sending information updates regularly, still accepts transmissions from the 'forgotten' game client, and responds in kind given the right poking and prodding (pressing TAB aggressively to force an update, scrolling in and out of the local map on land). So you can still coax updates from the server at gunpoint.

    Unfortunately, there is no way I know of to make the server 'remember' that you're a properly logged-in player who just lost some internet packets or a glitched account without relogging.

    ^all theory and ideas. don't take as gospel!!!
  • Lophelia

    Thx for you anwser . Efter reading alot of posts ind the forum it looks like et is my router that is not that happy for the game and efter abit if testing, yeah thats the problem... my internet and router suplier are looking into it for me and whit abit of luck they will have me up and runding whit out this crap.....

    Again thx for using your time ind getting back to my post.
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