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Hornet Gunboat Event

Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
edited September 2017 in Events
Ahoy Captains! First event is on the horizon! It'll be a 24v24 Hornet Gunboat skirmish on Antigua! Any nation and anyone can join.

This event will commence Saturday 23rd at 10PM GMT (2PM Pacific Time) Come along it shall be a BLAST! Literally! ;)(Conversions seem to get the better of me but I will remind players prior the event!)

(Additional thanks for Captain Mohag Moocow for the screenshots!)


  • Top highest Damage - 1200 Burning Sea Points
  • Second Highest Damage 900 Burning Sea Points
  • Third Highest Damage 700 Burning Sea Points
  • Additionally those whom have not won a prize at this event don't leave with nothing! All attendees still receive 200 Burning Sea Points!

Check out Pirates of the Burning Sea page for more details!


  1. Griefing will be an instant disqualification
  2. Sign up now to secure your place in the skirmish! If you do not sign up for a secured place, If there are still places left and players have not signed up then players who have not signed up will be able to join.
  3. IF you WIN you MUST contact Portalus via customerservice@portalusgames.com to obtain your prize -
    Please be aware it may NOT be instant delivery so please be patient whilst they are handed out.

To secure your place sign up here

Kind Regards

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