Port Royal Tour and Trivia Event

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As promised the tour has been rescheduled!

The time has come once again For Greyhound Drummond to host a Tour and online history session, with trivia in award winning pirate mmo Pirates of the Burning Sea. a Free to Play game set in the Golden Age of Piracy. He'll be showing the sights of the infamous port Port Royale, and telling players about the history of the infamous pirate haven. For people with an account, you know where to go, for those of you who don't, it's easy to sign up, and lots of fun! I encourage attendees to customize their avatars in their finest for shore leave!
The meeting place will be the submerged church at the docks of Port Royale at 4pm EST US on September 16th, come early! We will be using a discord app. Simply click on the link below the discord app can be accessed via this internet url https://discordapp.com/ and this server address https://discord.gg/qKn2Xcf
Trivia will be an open book multiple choice questions, Prizes included will be Burning Sea Points which you can use to purchase items in game. So stop by in the game for a live history lesson of the place one visiting priest called 'The Sodom of the New World' Port Royal Jamaica.

Please note: The time of the event has been pushed back one hour to 5pm EST to accommodate scheduling challenges, but is still going forward
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