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I’m trying to come up with a plan to outfit my ship. At the moment I’m a level 24 Naval Officer tearing up burning sea (so to speak) in a Postillonen Frigate and would love some advice. What outfitting would you use? Also, what class are you, what ship do you sail and how is it outfitted.

The advice I’ve heard to is Buff your ships strengths not its weaknesses. At my level and for a Naval Officer I see the strengths of the Postillonen relatively fast and fast turning compared to other Frigates (Max Speed = 19.5 Accel = 2.7, Turn Rate = 11.5) I also see it as having fairly strong armor with a REALLY weak stern ( Stern Amor = 215 with a 2 Damage Resistance) and a moderately good set fairly fast guns (20x 9 Lbs with a 24.5s reload).

Based on all this I’ve figured I would best of buffing its side armor, its mobility and its cannons damage. Since I have no marks of victory to turn in I plan to craft everything. Here is my proposed outfitting list. What would you do differently?

Sails: 2x Runners Rig
Guns: 1xSpeed Gun Rig, 1xEinar One Eye’s Devastating Gun
Hull: Double Planked Armor
General: Poseidon Hull Modification 1, External Powder Magazine, Explosive Powder

Thanks for the discussion and the help


  • Postillionen is a great ship for your level, but you've almost outgrown it. The fittings you suggested are great, but if you just get one more level, the Stralsund becomes available which is a great ship but requires Large fittings, of which I believe the large fittings also have a higher level requirement, just a warning! If you need help making fittings, I've got Econ setup to make the ones you need as well as the basic armor, speed, and damage upgrades.
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    Hi Gamma

    Thanks for the offer! My Economy is almost all in place. The only think I'm missing is the Large Ship Yard to make my armor. Are you able to make Deeds? I'm looking to buy a large shipyard deed and an advanced draftsman.

    Thanks for the comments on my outfitting. How do you Outfit your ships and what class are you? Do you Outfit differently for PVE than PVP?

    Thanks again.
  • I'd still love to hear from others. What do you sail? How do you outfit it?

    For that matter is there a way to look at people's ships, see how they are outfitted? So too is there a way to check other players builds (skill point allocation).

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    Sorry I missed this.

    While leveling a toon I use the following:

    1 speed rig / 1nimble rig
    1 speed gun / 1 wedding
    2 armor planks

    General mods:
    1 reload, 1 damage, 1 armor

    Basic fits General purpose:
    2 runners
    1 speed gun / 1 eniar
    2 double planks
    Disco 3 armor, proto 3 gun, eff 3 powder

    You can't see how other players are spec. You can get a good idea how they are fit though.

    To look at career specs and experiment with them go here: www.gumworm.com
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  • Awesome list! What is Eff Powder? How does one obtain it. I'm just now outfitting my lvl 50 NO and am thinking about using 3xExolosive Powder or 3xOverloaded cannons until I can afford Cantonese, but am wondering if Eff Powder is better.
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