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Are consumables now bought at Treasure Island and not player crafted?

I'm leveling a new character and am having a problem finding consumables, other nations have them but not the British. Great, I thought. I see the raw materials in the AH. I'll build an Assembly Yard and make my own, only I'm told you can no longer build Assembly Yards. How do you all get consumables? I see Admirals and Merchants in Treasure Island but they're more than I want to spend on PVE. What do you all do?


  • Player still craft items. Some can be purchased on TA.

    What server do you play on? I will venture a guess you play a Naval Officer class, on the Roberts server. This class in the Auction House (AH) can only see your nations listings, and the current region you are in. On the Roberts server Britain has the lowest population, and thus the AH is devoid of items.

    As to the assembly yard it was rendered obsolete a few years ago. Players that still have them are stuck with costly labor penalties for the sole benefit of 1 structure that can make two items. If you do the math its better to use the new economy structures.

    If you want to make your own stuff its not that hard. It would be easier to just join a society, or make friends with other player of your nation.

    If you are on the Antigua server by chance I can make you a bunch of consumables to get you going if no one steps up to help you. I have no econ presence on the Roberts server. So your on your own there.

    Also welcome back or aboard!
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • Jack O'ConnerJack O'Conner (Forum Moderator)
    I wouldn't recommend buying the consumable on the Treasure Aisle such as repairs as they aren't really worth getting. But personal preferences change by each individual and that has given me an idea.
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  • Hello again, Baldomero,

    I’ve always liked that name.

    I play for the British on Antigua. By your name I assume you play for the Spanish. Looking in the Spanish Auction Houses it looks like they still have pretty good gear selection. I’m thinking about doing most of my buying from them. Still, your advice sounds great. I’ve found a society and am looking forward to becoming a part of game community.

    So too I want to try to be a part of the game economy. The new economy sounds promising. It looks like I may be able to build a lot more things with a single account. The only problem I’m running into is I haven’t been able to find much information on how it works. Tonight I plan to spawn a new character, a privateer this time, and re-run the economy tutorial. Perhaps it will help me figure out how to fabricate using the new economy.

    Question for you. Do you know a good source of information and can you recommend good items for my early crafting. After looking in the British Auction House it seemed to me that there aren’t a lot of consumables or outfitting, least wise not compared to what there used to be. I thought that might be a good place to start. Any thoughts?

    Also, I would still love to respect my older characters. I’d like to play them a bit differently this time. I’ve searched Naval Head Quarters at my nation’s capital (Port Royal) pretty thoroughly and haven’t found a commendation vendor that sells either of the respecs. Have you seen them? I’ve got loads and loads of commendations, but the only vendor I’ve found has Trade Goods and Ammo. In my memory I used to have a lot more selection. I have seen the respecs in treasure island, but they’re pricey. I plan to toy with build for a while and didn’t want to spend a lot of cash.

    Thanks again.

  • > @Jack O'Conner said:
    > I wouldn't recommend buying the consumable on the Treasure Aisle such as repairs as they aren't really worth getting. But personal preferences change by each individual and that has given me an idea.

    Hi Jack. I didn't plan to. The economy is one of the reasons I like the game. It's well composed and I'd like to use it. I'm just not sure how to at the moment.
  • I'm at work on my phone at the moment. When I get home I will answer all your questions in detail.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • Ha! It's character dependent! My 22 Level sees the respec at Naval Headquarters. My 50? No dice!

    Also my new 2nd level can't do the Economy Tutorial. It's broken at the point you build a lumber yard.
  • OK here we go,

    Yes I play Spain on Antigua. I love the name too. Baldomero was a brave Templar from Montcada Spain during the Reconquista period. All my toons are named after Templar Knights.

    I would advise against using a privateer toon for making your foray in the econ system of our game. Make a Freetrader toon. They receive so many benefits that enhance your ability to participate in the econ system.

    I am glad to hear you have joined a society. They will be your main help in the game. The economy is very complicated for sure. I am still waiting of the guide to the new economy promised by Portalus in 2015. Sure be nice. The old website had a wealth of information on it. It explained every facet of the game. Any questions not answered from the website were taken to the forums and covered.

    Sadly there really is no one stop source for you to learn the new economy. You can read the overview posts when 2.15 was about to launch. Sadly it is not current. You can read it here: http://portalusgames.com/potbs/news?tag=Economic Expansion Guide

    Your best source for info is using the "F1" button in game. Look up the items you wish to make and work it backwards to see all that is involved. If I could speak to you on Teamspeak, or Discord I could get you up and running quickly. Absent that look at this post of some helpful info and a great video: http://forums.burningsea.com/discussion/101634/econ-video-made-easy-for-pvpers-no-effort-after-setup-click-out-pew#latest

    You can purchase them from your career HQ on Port Royal, not the Admiralty office. Use Justice Commendations. That is the only useful item obtained with that commendation. Save your Skill Commendations for silver ingots, and Honor Commendations for gold ingots. Use Royals for writs and trade downs to skill and honor for ingots. Commendations are still the best way to get gold silver ingots in decent numbers.

    Making then in the new economy is still over burdened and needs to be adjusted even further then the last adjustment nearly a year ago. Why is gold and silver ingots so important you are thinking right now? you need one each to make the best / most desired ship out fittings in the game. They are called green mods because the green text shown in there listings. They are Runners rigs double planks and so on.

    The recipes come from the Cryptonauticon books dropped from fleets.

    As to career Specs remember this advice given me in 2009: Build your spec to maximize your play-style and ship you sail. Buff your strengths not waste time overcoming your weaknesses. Use this to think about career specs: http://www.gumworm.com/

    I live in the Western USA in Pacific Standard Time Zone. I am in game weekdays around 7pm 1900 hrs. I'd be glad to explain in person over a voice com utility questions in detail.

    God luck sir!

    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • Thanks Baldamero!

    I have the Respecs! My inventory was full.

    The sloop is awesome! Now I just need the outfitting. They sunk me the first time I left PR. It took them two tries. I outran the first but not the second.
  • Awesome
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server

  • I love the name too. Baldomero was a brave Templar from Montcada Spain during the Reconquista period. All my toons are named after Templar Knights.

    There are templars on Roberts, should look into them sometime;-)

    Btw, youre not "beldar conehead" on roberts, right? name just sounds similar to baldo
  • Nope not me
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • edited August 2017
    Still working on this. Your reply was so rich, Baldomero. Thank you.

    Out of curiosity, you said your characters were named after Templars. Which ones? How did you develop an interest in the Knights Templar? Did it start when you read a good book?

    Thanks again for the help.
  • You can also exchange commendations for supply crates that will contain an assortment of consumables good while leveling, you should scavenge all ships that go derelict to get the commendations.
  • I have read volumes of books on the Templar order over the past 30 plus years. Some countries that did not participate in the purge of the order kept their records. Spain did not allow the Templar to be rounded up upon the issue of the papal bull. They just reformed new orders with new names. Half of the Iberian peninsula was still under the control of the Moors.

    The Moors were not defeated for nearly a hundred years after the order fell.

    Two epochs of history have fascinated me since childhood. The crusader era, and the age of sail in the Caribbean. Both I have read voraciously about.

    Glad you are off and running.
    .... and your welcome.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • Hi Baldomero. If you're open to an ingame explanation I would love to talk to you on Discord. I installed it on my phone. Thanks!
  • Saturday evening I can. Will need tge discord address.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
  • Thanks! I think I'm good. My buildings are all up and producing!

    You were a big help!

    Btw, you mentioned a "10 Town". What is that?
  • Towns have the categories that the governor can manage. Weapon stockpiles, Fortifications, and Infrastructure.

    These are on a scale of 1-10. Ten is the best. Level 10 Infrastructure reduces labor and cost on crafting.

    You can check these levels at the Governor's carriage.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
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