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Hi, I'm back after a long break and have some questions. Thanks for the help!

1. Do I have to get rid of all my ships to get a fall back?
While playing I’ve heard people say that Port Royal is being camped by Spanish Privateers, be sure to use a fallback. I haven’t had a fallback ship since early in the game. How can I get one now? Put all my ships in storage in PR?

2. How can I replace a ship in a given port? I have a corvette in Bartica. I want to upgrade it to something else and assume I need to scuttle it. So far the only way I see to do this is drive it to a port that already has another ship and then scuttle it. Is that the only way?

2. Where do I buy a Swashbuckling Skill Respec?

According to my fencing trainer I can get it three places: In my nation’s capital (Port Royal for me) in my classes meeting haul, At treasure Island or for free if I’m in the captains club. I have been all over Port Royal but haven’t found a place that sells them.


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    1. simple answer is yes! Alternatively you can scuttle all but an active ship and purposely sink in the ship to deplete the last dura, or as you mentioned just put what you can in storage but you will still need to sink the active ship to obtain a fallback.

    2. If you have only 2 ship slots, you'll have to be in the same port of the ship you want to scuttle to remove all general modifications out and put it in a warehouse then hop to the ship you don't want to scuttle then scuttle the ship you just emptied and use another deed!

    3. Respecs can be found in Port Royal, San Juan, Pointe Pitre and Tortuga.

    To find out where you need to go it all determines on your class.

    Naval Officer - Naval Headquarters
    Privateer - St George (at the back of Port Royal)
    Freetrader - Trade house at the front of Port Royal.

    Please note you will need 15 commendations of either;

    Commendation of Honour
    Commendation of Justice
    Commendation of Skill
    Royal commendations

    Please note you will need at least 1 space free in your personal to exchange the commendations to the respec!

    Hope this helped!
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  • 1. Don't do a fallback. If you need a fast ship to get around on use a sloop or zudzhi yacht. Both are cheap and fast.

    Jack covered the rest.
    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
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    Great Info, thanks guys!

    Using a fast ship sounds wise, but brings up a question: How do I best use the speed?

    If I’m running towards a camped port I seem to be at a disadvantage and am unsure of how to get close to the port and enter it before getting attacked. I figure getting attacked is part of the game, but I would love to develop a method of approaching the port that gives me a better chance of getting into it before I lose my goods and my ship.

    At the moment my technique comes down to run as fast as I can towards port and do my best to click it. Then, if I get in a fight, put the wind at 135 degrees and try to run. Does that sound right? So far it isn’t working all that well.

    I do like the idea of PvP, and have been working on my skill, but would like better odds. Port campers cut through me like a knife through butter.

    Thanks again
  • As you approach the port, grab a NPC of a different faction (Dutch ones are probably safest bet). When you leave that fight, you will have temp invis and invulnerability that should get you to the port. This is assuming you are in a redzone and/or pvp flagged to begin with.

    Kiefer Cain
  • Ship speed is two fold. OS Speed, and Battle speed. You can fit for both, but it is better to pick one or the other.

    Best wind angle depends on the ship you sail, and the class sailing it.

    Frigates best wind angle is 135. Sloops cutters and corsairs are 45 to 90. Merchants are 180.

    Class best wind angles are:
    NO's 135
    Priv 90
    FT 180
    Cut 45
    Buc 45-90

    There are fittings that buff different angles you can install.

    The best axiom to fitting your ship in this game is to buff the strengths, not try to make up the weaknesses.

    So on your fast ship I would advise a sloop. (Jamaica, Bermuda, Bermuda Mastercraft) that your level can use.
    I would fit it as follows:
    Sails: rig cather pin Adv / lightweight rig
    Guns: Lightweight guns x2
    Hull: racebuilt hulls x2

    Studding sails (Best level you can use).
    any level available items that give OS speed
    any level items that gives battle speed.

    This set up will make it near impossible to catch by 90% of the ships players sail to attack low levels.

    Antigua - Roberts - Test Server
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